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Monday, February 6, 2012

German Jesuit to Receive Cardinal's Hat After All [?]

[Update]  The report from the German District website was from January 6th and has since been corrected to reflect the current situation that the German Jesuit, Father Becker, is NOT to receive a Cardinal's hat at the Consistory.  It is thought that the situation will be corrected, since someone in the Vatican is confused about Father Becker's state of health.  Thank you for your patience.

About three days ago, the traditional portal 'Rorate Caeli' reported that Father Karl Becker was to be passed over for a Cardinal's hat "for health reasons".  Today it is revealed that this is not the case. In fact, Father Becker is in very good health, and is looking forward to continuing his work in the service of God and of his holy Church.

Vatican Information Service had reported:
Today's communique also announces that, due to ill health, cardinal-designate Fr. Karl Josef Becker S.J. will not be created a cardinal during the public ceremony of 18 February, but in private at another time.

Imagine Father Karl Becker's astonishment at being told he was in bad health. Now the German District of the Jesuits is reporting that Father Karl Becker, one of the architects of the hermeneutic of continuity, is going to receive the honor after all. The translation as follows:
On the 6th of January the Vatican has announced that Pope Benedict XVI will name 22 Cardinals on 18. February 2012. One of them is to be the German Jesuit, Professor Dr. Karl Josef Becker SJ. The German Province of the Jesuits warmly congratulates him for this appointment.

The German Jesuit was a key figure in the doctrinal discussions with the Society of St. Pius X.