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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pioneer of Natural Family Planning is Dead

Despite his spectacular success he was held in scorn and discounted his entire life because of his Catholic Faith.

( The Austrian Doctor, Professor Dr. Josef Rötzer, died yesterday at 91 years of age.

This was according to the old liberal website, ''.

Rötzer was born in Vienna on the 21st of March 1920.

After grammar school and Gymnasium, he began his education in Medicine in his home town in 1941.

In the year 1945 he married Margareta Kramann (2006). the pair had four children.

In the year 1947 he received his doctorate at the Pathological Anatomical Institute at the University of Vienna. There he was active till 1949.

From the 1st of January 1951, he was the official doctor in the State of Upper Austria in a town with a population of 12,000.

In this period he observed the fertile and infertile times in the woman's reproductive cycle. Upon coming to this conclusion, he evaluated the cycles of 300,000 women.

This helped him to develop a natural and inexpensive method, to prevent pregnancies about as proficiently as the physically toxic operative anti-child pill.

The cash bloated chemical industry understandably took no joy in Rötzer's findings.

On the basis of his research findings the Austrian Bishops financed him from the 1st of September 1966 till the 31st of December 1974 to give him a leave of absence from his official doctor's service.

So that Rötzer could conduct further scientific research in his special area.

In the year 1986 he founded the "Institute for Natural Family Planning".

In December 1992 the Austrian President conferred upon the doctor the title, "Professor".

Now his daughter Elisabeth works in the 'Institute for Natural Family Planning". She also publishes the corresponding publication.

Bishop Klaus Küng of Saint Pölten recalled for news agency 'Kathpress' that Rötzer because of his Catholic stand, "suffered many a setback in his work".

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