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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malta's Jacobins Continue to Chisel Away at the Church's Influence

Editor: a brief look at Dr. Orlando's CV should reveal some unsavory anti-Church associations. Now they want to reduce the influence of Church tribunals.

Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, the co-presenter of the divorce Bill, raised an issue that has been mentioned quite a lot in the last few months – the 1995 concordat between the Vatican and Malta – saying it should be revised.

The concordat states: “The Republic of Malta recognises for all civil effects… the judgements of nullity and the decrees of ratification of nullity of marriage given by the ecclesiastical tribunals and which have become executive.”

This means that the ecclesiastical tribunal has supremacy over the civil courts since civil annulment proceedings have to be suspended if Church annulment proceedings are under way.

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