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Monday, June 22, 2015

Far Exceeding Expectation One Million Demonstrated in Rome Against Gender Ideology

One Million Demonstrated in Rome for the Family Against
Gender Ideology and the Government
(Rome) The rally was called "Defending our Children" and not Manif Pour Tous as in France, but it was an Italian Manif Pour Tous and what a one it was. One million Italians got up last Saturday for the defense of the family and   protested against the gender ideology of the left-wing government. The magnitude is sensational for Italy. It was only for 18 days that  the organizing committee had appealed to the public to mobilize against a government decree.
"Let us defend our children" is a Catholic initiative, which has also joined with secular forces. But the impetus came, as the Manif pour tous in France, from the Catholic heart. That does mean something. The organizing committee wanted to act independently and, therefore, had not appealed to  any parties and who therefore could not also collect revenue. This new independence contributes considerable fruit in Italy.  The same has been happening for several years already  with the March for Life, which brought 50,000 people to the streets in Rome in May. These are orders of magnitude, which would have been unthinkable before, when the pro-life movement was hedged institutionally between Bishops and Christian Democratic Party.
The million that rose on Saturday to defend the children which so impressively raised its  voice, exceeded all expectations. The organizing committee deliberately chose before the Lateran Basilica, the Piazza San Giovanni, the traditional parade ground of the Italian left, which holds its May 1 celebrations there.  It's a  provocation against those who want to introduce the gender ideology with little discussion, but also a challenge to the organizers. The challenge was mastered brilliantly and the provocation succeeded. "The people are one step ahead, the politicians should take a pause for reflection," said Archbishop Luigi Negri in a first reaction. The Archbishop of Ferrara was one of the few bishops who had publicly called for participation.
All, especially the ruling Left were surprised. The surprise was so great that even the house journal of the Italian left-wing government, the daily newspaper La Repubblica , the event devoted  three pages to it. Likewise, the Corriere della Sera and other major newspapers in Italy. Giacomo Galeazzi's headline in La Stampa said: "A really impressive sight, beyond any expectation".  The gigantic participation was a bitter thorn in the eye to many editors. The anti-clerical tabloid Il Fatto Quotidiano headlined furiously: "The bigoted rights returns".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ
Trans: Tancred