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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pope Does Not "Ok" Condoms: Media is Mother of Lies

Accuracy from NPR or the National News Media, you ask?  Should we be surprised when they tell the big lie?  We'll leave that for your own speculation and wonderment.  At least one journalist, formerly from L'Osservatore Romano has her head screwed on straight.

So, to clarify, he’s not endorsing condoms. He’s saying that it could be the first step of a particular individual to realize that their action is wrong. His example of a male prostitute is very particular. The Church doesn’t believe that male prostitution is a good thing; so it’s not going to endorse anything that would facilitate the behavior even if it’s ostensibly with the good intention of protecting one’s self or another. That good intention doesn’t change the nature of the behavior itself.
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This is really a continuation of the media blitz against him outlined and described in Vaticanists' Tornielli and Rodari, "Attack on Ratzinger".