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Saturday, July 9, 2016

David Haas' Intrinsically Disordered Hymns

Profane Halls
Edit: visiting Tantumblogo we found this gem. How could anyone take any of these men or their artistic pretense seriously?

The hymns of Oregon Catholic Press, Leaflet Missal and Gather are intrinsically disordered
and indisputably introverted.  How could any self-respecting clergyman allow OCP hymnals in his church unless he's an aberrosexual or doesn't care?

Can you imagine being forced to choose between Haas, Joncas and the Saint Louis Jesuits for the funeral of a loved one and being told that there is no other alternative by a gigantic, blustery, lisping, sweaty, Irish loudmouth in sandals, and that your family also belongs to the masonic lodge looking chapel community whose  rights supersede your own personal sensus catholicus and the deceased?

Most families keep going to the masonic lodge looking chapel with the brutal granite altar designed by the evil Frank Kazmarcek and paid for by their hard earned cash, long after they have forgotten mostly why they went in the first place.

They deserve it, those who  keep supporting them, even after they're dead.



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

David Haas' Diversity Creed

Edit: perhaps you have suffered through the music of David Haas and wondered why it was so bad? Part of the clue might be its inspiration.  Jeff Ostrowski writes:819 David Haas

HE FIRST TIME I HEARD the name “David Haas” was on a CMAA website a few years ago. He was posting there, but when people started asking him questions he left—and never returned. (At least that’s my recollection.) It turns out David Haas is an extremely popular composer for the Ordinary Form. 1 I’ve never forgotten his last name because of its memorable spelling.

A Facebook Creed by David Haas was sent to me this morning. Much could be said about his edict—and haeresim sapiens comes to mind when I read statements like “ministry is not about believing in God”—but I don’t have time for a long post today.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

David Haas' New "Song" to Our Lady: Music to Abuse Liturgies By

David Haas

David Haas has been a long-time cacophonous purveyor of heresy and blasphemy. What's particularly scary is that they let this man teach High School students at a pretty expensive elite school.  What's even scarier is the man's getting paid by the Church to destroy the Church.  He's also an enemy in the use of "exclusive language", advocating its removal from parishes as reported here at Catholic Media Coalition:

David Haas: Contemporary Church music composer who published Dear Sister God, and presented a music workshop at which he and his ex-wife, composer Jeanne Cotter, informed the participants of their “duty” and “responsibility” to purge their parishes of “exclusive language” in the liturgy.

You might also know his work if you're unfortunate enough to attend "Mass" in the NO in North America with tortuous ditties like this.  This particular anthem is guaranteed to torture the unwary traveler.  It says, ominously, "you are mine."   Creepy.  In any event, if it does anything effectively, it's that it conveys the heterodox leanings of Mr. Haas   This particular piece features a Jesuit and a chick named Sister Bubbles, and we're not making this up:

 Now, over at the ever-effeminate and faux-Benedictine   Pray, Tell Blog, he's airing out his most recent steaming composition offensive to pious ears, and probably God and Our Lady, right here.  Note the agonizing attempt to work with the inclusive language and connect with a more ancient hymn..  \
Hail, Holy Mary, Queen of Peace, O Maria!
O Fragrance of God’s love increase, O Maria!
Mother, servant of God’s grace, [one of the commenters thought this line would offend someone]
Womb for Christ, holy birthing place, First disciple, we embrace:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina! 
Hail, Holy Mary, hope for all, O Maria!
Your song of justice is our call, O Maria!
Poor and broken are held high,
Mercy will intensify,
God’s reign you personify:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!
Hail, Holy Mary, you inspire, O Maria!
With you, God’s presence we desire, O Maria!
Vision, wisdom, you instill,
You, the “Yes,” God’s holy will,
Faith and courage, you fulfill:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!
Hail, Holy Mary, strength and trust, O Maria!
O Woman, singer for the just, O Maria!
Mother, model, faith supreme,
Pregnant bearer of God’s dream,
Peace and justice is your theme:
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!

No wonder males stay away from church until they have children.   What's really laughable is how Father Ruff OSB and his commenters over there are trying to play this off as a link between tradition and more contemporary forms of music.

Here's some commentary from the Musica Sacra Forum, which gives some hilarious commentary, calling this "hymn" a politically correct Salve.  Very funny.
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