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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Civil War in the Conciliar Church

Since the Second Vatican Council the Communio-Ecclesiology has contrived that everyone in the Church fights against everyone else.  Because:  whoever rejects the primacy of reality,  lands in chaos.
Chance another departure.

(, Mannheim)  Already, at the beginning of the Mannheim anti-Catholic meeting on Thursday the president of the German President "Central Committee of Germany Catholics',  Alois Gluck, demanded the establishment of a diaconate for women.

Gluck is very impatiently wishing for women's ordination.

At the end of his address he gave an honor to Europe's largest Catholic website, ''.

He criticized "groups" which defend the Western Christian values, but deny at the same time the "worth" to some Gomorrists -- which are be tramped themselves by the homosexuals' own feet.

Gluck thanked the weather vane Old Catholic Bishops for their distancing from ''.

 A Bishop Says It's So

On Tuesday, the Hamburger Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke enthused about the deaconess propaganda.

He said in an article for "Christ und Welt' in the newspaper "Zeit":  "The question regarding the women's diaconate is not decided."

Another Bishop Says Otherwise

Bishop Franz-Josef Overback (47) of Essen criticized the women's ordination propaganda in the newspaper 'Rhenische Post'.

Pope John Paul II has clearly stated, "that the Church has no power, to include women in the priestly office."

Women's ordination is also viewed in the same connection.

It is a  a little beneficial that 'Central Committee' always proposes this theme.

Msgr Overbeck  would rather address problems which are solvable now.

"Very Important", but if only it were otherwise

Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg desired more influence from women at Katholikentag.

There won't be any ordination of women.  That has been allegedly "so affirmed" by Pope John Paul II.

The women should be department heads in Diocese:  "That would be very important".

Kindergarten teacher more important than a Kindergarten Liturgy --- Presider?

The Archbishop asked a question, "if  the service of a nun or the kindergarten teacher is more important for the kingdom of God than what a pastor does."

Msgr Schick said of the reconciliation with the SSPX that unification with "splintergroups" is a requirement for every Christian.

But that could not happen against the catastrophic Council and its abandonment.

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