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Friday, December 18, 2009

Useful Catholic Organizations Promote Global Warming

Anyone who advocates in favor of climate change is at best a useful idiot in the service of Marxism, including the Alaskan Bishops, the Irish Bishop's Conference and the USCCB. The fact that so many Catholic organizations have been so compliant for this false agenda is a sure indication of just how far the cancer has progressed now destroying the Catholic Faith wherever it has its nest and networks of mutually supporting individuals bent on destroying the Church.

As world-wide support for these initiatives which will only cost jobs and retard economic development and provide new avenues for oppression and social engineering, the propaganda organs of the Globalists, like George Soros who exploits Catholic organizations, will increase their rancour.

December 17, 2009

Frustrated by sputtering climate talks, Caritas Internationalis-- the international consortium of Catholic relief agencies-- and CISDE (an alliance of Catholic development agencies)-- are calling upon heads of state to act decisively during the Copenhagen climate summit’s final days.

“We must be clear what is causing the current deadlock: developed country commitments on emission reductions and support to developing countries fall far short of what science and justice requires,” said CIDSE Secretary General Bernd Nilles. “Developed countries hold the historical responsibility for climate change, which is impacting profoundly already on developing countries. They simply cannot shirk their responsibilities.”

“Heads of State must feel the weight of the public and moral outpouring over the last months and during this last week in Copenhagen and around the world,” he added. “The people are ready, we need our leaders to move.”

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