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Friday, March 4, 2016

CMTV: What's Really Going on with Cardinal Dolan's Archdiocese

Edit: basically, this priest is affirming that there is an aberrosexual mafia that runs the diocese with the knowledge of Cardinal Dolan.  The priest, very frankly interviewed below,  implicates Cardinal Edward O'Brien as being part of the cabal where he is known as the "master":  

Michael: He was rector of the seminary. 
Bob: He was the rector of the seminary, and in fact these relationships of the people we've been talking about here, which would be Peter Miqueli, Sorgie, Mustaciuolo, Weber, and in fact Cdl. O'Brien, these were all relationships that were forged back in the 1980s at Dunwoodie in St. Joseph Seminary. In fact, it might be shocking to hear, but these men regularly had conversations that I was privy to where they jokingly and openly recollected masochistic activity and parties and things that they did back in the seminary. 
Michael: You were in the presence, you were personally in the presence of these people as they were recounting stories of sexual activities with each other while they were in seminary? 
Bob: Yes, yes. 
Michael: You heard that personally? 
Bob: Yes, yes. The presence of Cdl. O'Brien was not there, but they were all talking of him, in fact, Cdl. O'Brien was referred to as the "master." He was the "master." Whatever that meant, only they know.
See the full transcript.