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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cardinal Woelki Rejects Homosexual Prize

Berlin's New Cardinal Woelki
Berlin (kathnews/RV) Berlin's Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has rejected the nomination he received for a homosexual "Respektpres" from the "Association Against Homophobia".   In his view it is self-explanatory to respect all people;  that's why he doesn't want to draw attention to this says the Archbishop of Berlin through his speaker.   The "Respektpreis" has been given every year since 2010.  Woelki has renewed in agitating for respect for people in same-sex partnerships, but at the same time it's condemned by Catholic teaching.

He has "clearly and unmistakably affirmed that homosexual activity 'is not ordered in itself',  transgressing against the natural law and for that reason can not be accepted according to our convictions in our faith."  On this he's making "no cutbacks in any way".   Substantial and powerful firms belong to the Association Against Homophobia,  like German Football Association (DFB), Deutsche Bank and the German Trade Union Association (DBG).

Foto: Kardinal Woelki – Bildquelle: Martin Lohmann / LohmannMedia