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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Homosexuals Go to Hell," Says President of the Ghanian Bishops' Conference

Bishop Osei Bonsu With Bishops of Ghana
(Accra) Bishop Joseph Osei Bonsu of Konongo-Mampong in Ghana disagreed with the notion that aberrosexuals could go to heaven. The President of the Ghanaian Bishops' Conference, who is descended from the ancient royal family of the Ashanti, is quite a different opinion.
Homosexuality, said Bishop Osei Bonsu  was "not natural."  The assertion  that some could already be born as homosexuals, was placed  by the Ghanaian prelate in the realm of "political myth-making". They had been invented to agitate for "gay rights" and to justify one's actions.
"The Bible tells us in the Letter to the Romans, chapter one, clearly, that those who practice homosexuality and those who  support gay marriage political, religious or not, will be guilty before God."
"Gays, lesbians, liars and child molesters and others do not get into heaven, and the Bible says that very clearly.There is not a man who says, and not a bishop, that they do not go to heaven, but the Bible. It is the Holy Scriptures that says that they do not go to heaven," said Msgr. Osei-Bonsu on Monday to host of Morning Starr-Moderator Nii Arday Clegg on Radio 103.5 FM Starr  in Ghana.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Ghana Netline
Trans: Tancred