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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rome Informed by Nunciature --- Till Now No Reaction to Illicit Ordination

Bishop Williamson and Jean-Michel Faure, Dressed
as a Bishop
(Brasilia / Rome) This past March 19th, Bishop Richard Williamson, who is excluded from the SSPX, has confected an illicit episcopal ordination in Brazil. The Nunciature in Brazil informed the Vatican in advance. To date, it has not received any response from Rome.
Even before the consecration took place, Msgr. Gouvêa Mattoso Edney, Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Friburgo, informed the clergy and faithful in his diocese in a pastoral letter informed and invited them not to participate in any way in the illicit consecration.
At the same time the Brazilian Diocese informed the Apostolic Nunciature about the illicit episcopal ordination by the "British Bishop Richard Williamson" in the convent of Santa Cruz. The Nunciature immediately passed  the report to the Vatican.
As the Brazilian press agency Estadao reported, no response was given to the Nunciature "from the representatives of the Catholic Church" in Rome and there has been no reaction to date on the diocese message.
Bishop Williamson also consecrated the  priest Jean-Michel Fauré without the permission of the Pope as Bishop. The Fraternity founded by Archbishop Lefebvre distanced himself by the illegitimate episcopal ordination of their former brethren.
As Secretum meum mihi reported, meanwhile, Fauré has offered his first priestly ordination on Saturday as a bishop and has ordained a monk, André Zelaya as a priest.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana