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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Abortion Continues to be a Dividing Issue

Wall Street Journal

The Senate nudged its health bill toward tighter restrictions on abortion coverage, a change that left advocates on both sides of the issue unsatisfied.

Under a deal with Sen. Ben Nelson, women who receive a new tax credit to buy insurance would write a separate check with their own money for abortion coverage, and states would explicitly have the option of barring such coverage from plans sold on new insurance exchanges. However, the language is less sweeping than that adopted by the House in November, which abortion-rights groups interpreted as the most significant setback in Congress for their cause in many years.

As it did in the House, abortion threatened to sink the health-care bill at the last minute in the Senate. Mr. Nelson, an antiabortion Democrat, vowed to withhold his vote unless the bill included more stringent requirements to ensure no federal money goes toward paying for abortion.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Senator Nelson will Vote for Socialized Medicine

Get ready for more for a lump of coal this Christmas as new legislation which will produce unintended and unfortunate consequences not least of which will be the stifling of business, loss of jobs and ultimately, poor medical care.

For all of the ineffectual wrangling of the USCCB, the bill is likely going to include federal funding for abortion anyway, and it should cost Nelson his Senate seat when he's up for re-election. The Bishops could conceivably have stopped the Bill in the Congress, but chose to accept the fools bargain anyhow. This seems to be playing out just as Deal Hudson predicted it would back in August.

Article in the Washington Post, here.

Pro-life advocates in the state of Nebraska have applied steady pressure, but it reamins unclear just what provisions against abortion will be in place when the Bill is voted into law before Christmas as reported by google news.

Steve Ertelt says that Stupak claims that he can still defeat the bill after all.

Here's more information from lifesite on the "compromise".