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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gänswein: Pope Wants to Reform the Faithful, not the Faith

"Absolute Continuity" Between Pope Benedict XVI. to Pope Francis.Munich ( / KNA) Archbishop George Gänswein expected no revolutions in the Vatican under the new Pope. "Pope Francis does not want to reform the faith, but the faithful," the Prefect of the Papal Household said in an interview broadcast on New Year's for Bavarian television. "The special thing is surely that he is a man who can not be put before any carts." He also does not expect that the Vatican "from tomorrow will have a new face," said Gänswein in conversation with journalist Susanne Hornberger.

Francis is a man of great gestures, gradually, however, the substantive elements would come to the fore. Gänswein who is still the private secretary of Benedict XVI. is seeing an "absolute continuity" between the two popes. As evidence, he described the encyclical "Lumen Fidei" (The Light of Faith) by Pope Francis on which Benedict XVI already worked. I've done a lot of preparatory work. Differences were stressed by the Archbishop on the issues of faith and reason and relativism. The results achieved by St. Francis in contrast to Benedict XVI. were in "second line."

In the exclusive interview under the title "On the Way to the Vatican" Gänswein describes the new pope as a "very open, very honest man." In meetings with people he does not make differences between politicians, Church dignitaries and ordinary people. In addition, Francis possesses the great gift that he immediately produces a warm connection in meetings, "the ice breaks away," said the Archbishop. "That takes immediately puts to rest any uncertainty or stage fright."

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