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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Word on the Blogroll

Edit:  I have a number of Sedevacantist friends.  I have Sedevacanists in my blogroll.  It’s not my job to police them.

I like Stephen Heiner as a person and consider him a friend.  He produces useful things and has interesting things to say.  I like The Thinking Housewife.  Again, she’s thoughtful.  I have no idea who Novus Ordo Watch is, but he’s always been helpful and friendly to me, taking pains to point out where I’ve gotten my facts wrong, or mistranslated something.

They’ve all treated me and my friends in various ways with a great deal more Christian charity than the Neocatholics at Patheos and other establicoids who seem more interested in promoting themselves, their emotive errors, cashing in on the apologetics gravy train and attack those who don’t agree with them with more open malice at times than Bolsheviks.

I love Bishop Williamson.

If I link to someone, it doesn’t mean I endorse them personally, the views of their blog or even agree with everything they’ve written, but as long as they don’t post occult material, are interested in a spirited if respectful tenor of discussion and don’t post pornography, I don’t see what else can be legitimately expected of me.

I also have blogs I roll which aren’t even Catholic, but political in nature, as well as two or three Traditional Anglican and Orthodox blogs.

Such is the state of things at this Catholic website which is loyal to the Magisterium and the current occupant of the papal throne, the Bishop of Rome.