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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anglican Bishop Leads His Flock Into Sinai

Editor : who knows where these Anglicans are going. But because they've refused to embrace the all-holy Sodomy, the entire congregation of three hundred souls is departing the place where they and their ancestors have worshiped for almost two hundred years. Not wanting to engage in a protracted legal battle, the local Bishop has opted to go into exile at a nearby community center. It's unclear where they are going to go after taking such a principled stand as a congregation, whether they will take advantage of the Holy Father's Anglicanorum Coetibus or not.

By Kelly Patterson
It was a historic moment in Ottawa as a subdued crowd of about 300 filed out of St. Alban’s Anglican Church on King Edward Avenue on Sunday, leaving behind a place where some have roots going back to Confederation.

Founded in 1865, the church where Sir John A. Macdonald worshipped has been in the spotlight ever since a showdown over same-sex marriage and other issues led the congregation of St. Alban’s to leave the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and, after a bitter battle, the building they have called home for 146 years.

“This is kind of historic. We’re in a new era,” said Sheila Lang, 79, as her grandchildren — the seventh generation of her family to attend the church — played in the reception hall of the Ottawa Little Theatre, where the congregation, now called the Church of the Messiah, will meet until it finds a permanent home. Meanwhile, the diocese will establish a new congregation at St. Alban’s, with a relaunch planned for Friday.

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Meanwhile, the seeds of Anglicanorum Coetibus are continuing to sprout.