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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pope's Angelus Address: The Gift and Beauty of Holiness

Benedict XVI. at the Angelus for All Saints: The goal of the life of a Christian is to be formed by Christ.

Rome [] Holiness means, to be formed by Christ. That is the goal in the life of a Christian. With these words, Pope Benedict XVI addressed today's Feast of All Saints to gathered pilgrims and visitors at St. Peter's Square during the Angelus Prayer.

The Feast of All Souls all were invited to raise their eyes to heaven and consider the fullness of divine life, which men await. As children, Christians receive the even the Grace, to bear with the tests of earthly existence. The Pope lamented the hunger and thirst for justice, incomprehension and the persecutions, to call to recollection that the man who at the same time has the legacy, which were promised to him in the Beatitudes. They reveal "the new picture of the world and of men, which has his beginning in Jesus."

Eternity is not merely the ongoing succession of days, "rather something like the fulfilled moment but more like the supreme moment of satisfaction, in which totality embraces us and we embrace totality—this we can only attempt... " (vgl. Spe salvi, 12) the totality of being, the reality and love.

Gift and Beauty of Holiness is also the society with the holy Souls. Those living Holy ones are not only in an earthly biography, rather also the working of God after death.

Referring to the morrow's All Soul's Feast the Pope explained that the separation of love is painful. Actually the Christian death is a part of the way to the alignment upon God.

"We must not fear him, who in the intercessory prayers of the Church can not break that deep unity, which unites us in Christ." Thereon the Christian remembers the feast of All Souls with a visit to cemeteries.

The Holy Father greeted German speakers with the following words:

"I greet the German speaking pilgrims and visitors with a hearty welcome. Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. As it comes to pass, we think on the incredibly large number of people, who have gone before us in God's and their beloveds' hearts with truth and unwavering faith. Their loving witness in life touches us. They are not only examples to us, rather also companions, who pray for us, that we ever grow in union with Christ and the love for men. I wish you all a blessed Feast Day."

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