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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bishop Adamec Goes Unnoticed and Unmourned into Retirement last January

Bishop Adamec of the highly troubled Altoona-Johnestown Diocese retired in January of this year. How was it it was missed? Someone should have been popping the cork of champagne. But like the despot of a distant oriental country flooded with sand and camels tethered in the ruins of better days, his unhappy reign has passed like the report of a swinging rusty sign, deep in the rust belt somewhere between Detroit and Saginaw.

He's been accused justifiably of Simony and of being a protector of predatory homosexuals, while he has been a scourge to priests loyal to Rome. Now he's gone being replaced by Bishop Bartschak. Here's Bishop Bartschak's statement from the Diocesan rag:

I have spent almost twenty years assisting and advising the Most Rev. Donald Trautman, Bishop of Erie. I want to especially acknowledge his trust in me and the care which he has shown me as a father and brother. He has never been at a loss to offer me practical words of advice and encouragement. I am certainly grateful for the insights and encouragement that he has shared since learning of my appointment as Bishop of Altoona-Johnstown.

I am grateful to Bishop Adamec for the warm welcome and solicitude that he has shared with me in so many ways. He has been quite generous in providing me with the kind of help that is needed during the time of transition that continues for the next several weeks.

If he worked for Bishop Trautsperson, he can't be much better and is probably decidedly worse than the outgoing +Adamec. No doubt those trying to hear the Mass of their grandsires will find things difficult. Yet another Old Liberal given a position of trust where he doesn't belong. May God have mercy on the decaying and rusting Altoona-Jonestown Diocese.

Image from Catholic Cartoon blog.