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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

39 Pilgrims Leaving Shrine of St. Padre Pio Die in Tragic Bus Accident

Rome ( / CBA) A severe bus accident near Naples has claimed at least 39 lives on Sunday night. The coach was on the way back from the Sanctuary of San Pietrelcina according to Italian media.

Giovanni Rotondo in Puglia. There, the group had visited the grave of the popular saint Padre Pio. The authorities are currently trying to identify the victims. There was total of 48 travelers, including many children, who had spent several holidays in Telese in the Benevento region and were on their way back to Naples.

On the highway from Bari to Naples, the driver lost control in front of a traffic jam on the bus. The vehicle broke through the guardrail on a bridge and plunged about 30 meters below. The exact cause is still unclear.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Pozzuoli, Gennaro Pascarella, arrived on Monday morning at the disaster site. During the day, he wants to visit the injured in hospital, according to the newspaper "Il Mattino" (Monday). The group numbered at least 20 people from the Diocese of Pascarella near Naples.

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