Saturday, May 11, 2024

This aged about as well as cottage cheese

If you have the stomach for it, you can read the whole thing here.


Anyone wondering how many boosters this loser has taken?


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was how the mask-wearing, jabbed, social-distancing cowards excused their behaviour: "I'm doing this for your good, not mine." What is particularly nauseating about this virtue-signalling poltroonery is that they were perfectly prepared to allow the sick and dying to spend their last days in solitary confinement, but they sought to present this abandonment of the most vulnerable as a virtue.

Max Wilson said...

The mask just lets people who don't read his blog know that he voted for Biden and still thinks it was a good decision. It's like an anti-MAGA hat for him.

The boosters just mean he's a bigger fool than any of us suspected.

Michael Fischer-Colbri said...

He said he has no fear of Covid because he’s been vaccinated and I honestly think some actually believed that in the beginning (many more masked out of fear).

But, I suspect like all but one person I know who took the WarpSpeed Fauci Ouchie, he has had Covid several times.

Anonymous said...

What was billed as "Covid19" had a 99.7% survival rate, and I believe 97% for the elderly. So why on earth would you submit to being a genetic experiment using an untested DNA altering bioweapon (Vaxx components have been patented as bioweapons) called a vaccine in order to have liability immunity? Do people not understand statistics, weigh risk vs benefit?? Or is TV that powerful?

Kevin Pulaski said...

Is he still trying to shame people into getting the Trump jab? I thought he would’ve gone quiet and pulled this down by now.
Some of the people who caved on this really disappointed me like Roberto DeMattei, and Ed Feser. With Mark Sashay, it was expected.