Saturday, May 4, 2024

“They’re just waiting for us to die.”

Pretty much. For the AP's take on the current state of the American Church, see this.

Note the following:

(1)  Here's the church of the man whom I quoted in the title of this piece. The website naturally offers each one of us a welcome, but the only people who apparently want to be welcomed are aged, middle-class, white people.

(2) Krystal (with a K!) works as the office manager.

(3) Apparently, Resurrexifix Jesus is still a thing in Cleveland, as are accoutrements inspired by Environment and Art in Catholic Worship.

(4) The author of the article thinks, apparently, that this parish is just too radtrad to handle, even though they still have the occasional lectoress wearing a poncho-thingy that resembles the contemporary stained glass in the background.

(5) At least the padre likes hunting.


Anonymous said...

I am in my 70's and it is delicious to hear these men and (frizzy-white hair) women bemoan their journey into irrelevance.
It has been too many decades in the making.
Please, Dear Lord, deliver me, finally, from Lay male and female "Liturgists".
They have no young people to replace themselves. Could that be because you have contracepted and aborted yourselves out of existence? And the few children that you did have, know you look like a bunch of guitar-strumming fools whose warbly voices would scare cats.
Responding to the Priest who thought "they" were waiting for them to die: Bingo, Padre!!
I do not have many years left, but they are being spent with the young men who are in love with the Latin Mass and orthodoxy.

Put that chicken back! said...

These things will resolve themselves

Bruceph said...

"their journey into irrelevance". This sir, needs a patent. Brilliant!