Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Methodist Church is Over — Aberrosexuals Take Over

Bears David Oliver, left, and David Meredith wipe away tears after the United Methodist Church voted to repeal the church's ban on LGBTQ clergy on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Edit: now they can groom on the above board with “Episcopal” approval!

Chris Carlson/AP CNN — The United Methodist Church overturned its 40-year ban on gay clergy Wednesday, during a meeting of the church’s top legislative body in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

 The church has long been divided into factions over its stance on homosexuality and gay clergy and even weighed splitting into two separate churches over the issue, CNN previously reported.



Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that's settled.
Now I can get some sleep tonight. I've been worried sick about it.


Biff said...

John Wesley is rolling in his grave

Anonymous said...

What John Wesley would think is not high on my "things to care about today" list.

Gabe said...

Lyman Townsend said...

Thirty + years ago, I left the Presbyterian church for Methodism and people will recall me saying: “Jesus Christ, this is the Church of John Calvin not some clique of queer Jesuits!”

Now this? I’m really beside myself.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Calvin played for the other team? Big article on this in Culture Wars a couple months back.

Anonymous said...

Who knew that Calvin was a pillow biter?