Tuesday, May 21, 2024

David L. Gray, Michael Voris and Frank Pavone


Gladstone said...

Imagine my shock that both the Uniparty and American Jewry lean in the same direction. What next - conspiracy theories that Jews run national governments through their central banks?

Anonymous said...

It’s always the Romanians

Sam said...

So, Gary “Michael” was in love with one of the young staffers?

How did edifice not collapse sooner?
Was it being propped up by Joos?

Anonymous said...

Gary is still running after his unrequited love.
Why do you think that he moved to Texas?
His imaginary intended is living and working in a town 180 miles from Houston.
Close enough for stalking purposes.
Hope the kid is watching his back. Looney boy is capable of anything.

Mary-Beth said...

Sick. I’m ashamed I gave them money, especially after the first outing of Voris.