Saturday, March 2, 2024

What?!? Not even the Flu Shot is safe?



  1. So Tucker serves us a repeat performance featuring yet another manic weirdo burdened with Vaxx denial syndrome in the company of two wide-eyed nodding sycophants.

    There must be a factory in Wisconsin or Minnesota that mass produces these wackos. Do they export to Russia?

  2. You and Julio Iglesias

  3. Wow! Fascinating.
    Seven minutes of the basement genius, Dr. Quackenbush, giving us a breakdown of vaccine chemistry, while taking a break from his day job of selling auto parts at O'Reilly's.

  4. Did Gaybrielle get its boosters?

  5. I haven't had on in over 15yrs and I think I might go on a Church Militant Lenten Cruise before I ever get another one.

  6. Too late. The last C.M. cruise sailed a few weeks ago.
    Ain't gonna be another one.

    I noticed their "Going Out of Business" sale.
    I contacted them about purchasing some of Gary's old wigs.
    I want to put them in my garden this year to scare away the rabbits.

  7. Do people know what's in the flu shots? The C.D.C. just recommended people get their 9th booster,💉 are people insane?

  8. The CDC has NEVER said that Flu shots are for life.
    They are only effective for one season. The virus (viruses are living micro-organisms) is constantly mutating which is why a new vaccine is needed.
    This is not News nor has it been a secret.
    Suggestion: If you don't want it, don't get a Flu shot.

  9. Who in this thread claimed that the CDC said that flu shots are for life?

    And I don't recall seeing that any flu shot, in the fifty or so years they have been around, was effective in any flu season. Last I recall, the odds of predicting the virus were 1 in 3000 or so.

    If you can tell me which ones, and the years they succeeded, then I'll be glad to look them up.


    A nice little summary here.

  11. Oh, yes.
    An "X" post by Doctor Dr. McHonk-honk is definitely my go-to source of medical News.

  12. Who's saying Dr. McHonk Honk is medical news? You should get your categories of the mind straight. What Dr. Mchonk Honk does is parody, and pointing of fingers, not medical news.

    Just curious, who is your source of medical news? Fauci? Wallensky? CDC? FDA? One of the big pharma companies?

  13. Barnum @ 7:00pm

    You said it, dipshit. See your own post from 3/9 @ 6:38pm.