Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Spanish Cleric Faces Prison for Challenging Mohamedan Bloodlust

 By Martin Barillas

A Spanish priest is facing up to three years in prison on “hate crime” charges for his heated words about Islam.

Last month, Father Custodio Ballester and two other individuals received a summons from a provincial court in Spain to answer charges of an alleged “hate crime” for criticizing Islamic extremism. 

If convicted, Ballester could be forced to pay a fine of more than $1,600 and serve up to three years in prison. The charges date back to 2020, when the Court Prosecutor’s Office in Catalonia  accused Ballester of a “hate crime” based on what he wrote in a 2016 article titledThe Impossible Dialogue with Islam.



Anonymous said...

I read the article in question. It seemed to me to be reasonable, balanced, objective and the viewpoint was at least arguable, if not persuasive. If the author, a Spanish cleric, is potentially facing prison time for writing and publishing the article, the West has hit a low point. Islam is not immune from criticism, and we now have 1400 years of documented history to assess Islamic culture and its excesses. I think, in short, that Islamic culture cannot hold a candle to the great religious and cultural riches of Judeo-Christian Western civilization because Catholicism is based on truth and Islam on falsehood. Catholicism was the first religion to state that God is a Trinity. Science later discovered that nature is written in 'threes' (reflecting the nature of the Creator) and evidence of this can be seen by the structure of the atom, where three inseparable quarks form every nucleon. Islam has never revealed a previously unknown truth like this.

Paolo Diaz said...

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