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Only one billion will remain


Anonymous said...

Isn't this that opus judei "convert" run by DeathBlind Lies? On the one hand they make movies about religious saints on the condition that "allowed to make a movie about an extraordinary woman who just happened to be a nun"..."She was a great entrepreneur"... "her refusal to take no for an answer from the most powerful men in Rome and New York City." [this is the same creep (i mean devout catholic) who funded the 'prolife' movie Bella which fits right in the with Judei Koch and Busch agenda of ZERO EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN POPULATION where no-one says NO! NO! NO! to a woman: killing babies is against the law! The man goes to jail for killing a child. The man raises the child so the woman can go do her own thing.]


He had to prevent a pious and bland (I've seen other "pious and boring"): But he changed his mind when he saw the film’s intent would be a pious and bland version of Cabrini’s dramatic life.

“I had to make a better movie — to capture who she was, a woman who didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, not from the pope, not from her archbishop, not from the mayor of New York or the head of the Senate in Italy,” he said."


The movie's star runs around giving interviews: "This woman, at a time when they didn't have a voice... she had a clear vision in a world of her own making," Dell'Anna told Philly Live's Aunyea Lachelle. "It's pretty remarkable that she released (realized) that by becoming a nun she would be a free woman, able to choose for herself and help other people do the same."


Rod Barr: I was reluctant because it was pitched to me as a story of the first American saint. And as soon as I heard that, I thought oh! It’s going to be a pious, boring, typical movie, and I have no interest in that. And then I read about Cabrini; her accomplishments, and it was clear that she was just a powerhouse, a disruptor, revolutionary, and one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the 19th century.


Then: Opus Dei offers up this ignorant jewish 'convert' preaching VCII and Koch-Busch-CIA lies in her nun costume (she has started her own order and cardinal burke (or some opus dei prelate) has welcomed her "new order" into his diocese). Makes you want to barf and barf and barf. Who believes anything you people say?

“If we are going to save free market capitalism, then we need to keep the government out of social issues,” Busch said.


The movie's release is bittersweet in the Philadelphia suburbs as the college bearing the saint's name ... is set to close at the end of this academic year.... This year's graduates are the last in Cabrini's more than six decades educating young people. [on international woman's day the movie is out in theaters]


Christos Oikonimou said...

Shock, horror, alarm! It's that weirdo Nathaniel from the make-up department doing a cameo party piece.

Yannis Evaristo said...

Who are the "Global Elites" and what are their names? Tucker?

Anonymous said...

Not you, Gaybrielle.

Anonymous said...

03/12 @ 1:11pm

Is that really Nuthouse Nathaniel dressed up in Nun drag?

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YE said...

The reader is still waiting to have the names and whereabouts of the Global Elites or are they just another piece of hysterical voodoo journalism bandied by the toxic little Canadian rag.

Anonymous said...

LSN has an aversion to saying "the word".
They are going to start calling them "Pews".

Kirtland Temple said...

Where does one find Global Elites in the phone book?

Become a saint said...


Frank Gilpin said...

Mormon trolls

Anonymous said...

It's the (fallen) angels.


wonder when cisnun (or eponymous flower or stop voris or amdg) will get around to covering the stark end time scenario about how many will be left behind in opus dei (of course the
few 'chosen' will just get more of our tax dollars to set up fake 'trad' and 'prolife' websites to transmit more 'epoch times' fake news like the sophist marranos they are always yelling commie chicom and prolife to cover their own anti life, anti christ, enslave the populace agenda (sign another petition reporting joe biden or some bishop they haven't blackmailed into compliance yet to pope francis so we can send your name to the fbi (and then yell about the fbi spying on 'traditional catholics'))



YE said...

Congratulations on your skill at copying and pasting URLs, Nemo 12:47 PM. They certainly fill up space and add absolutely nothing rational to the messy stream of consciousness gibberish.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "YE" the links only tell the real reason Francis has removed the laity from the control of opus dei. Funny how even frankie walker, who hates pedophiles when they are priests and cardinals, is all for opus dei pedophile predators getting off scot free:

He's had this link on his site for over a week (three days in red): "Kangaroo Francis Justice: Opus Dei Martinez Trial Becomes A Trial Against the Vatican" and links to that 'prolife' anti sodomy gloria.tv. See it wasn't kangaroo justice in 2015 when opus dei engineered the pedophile getting off scot free [a spanish court later convicted opus dei martinez to 11 years in prison which was reduced by the Supreme Court to two years (no doubt engineered by opus dei like they control U.S. supreme court) even though the court admitted guilt was proved] it's Kangaroo justice when Francis does an investigation that cuts out opus dei (and hopefully allows the victim to be informed and give evidence).




Opus Dei was all for Frankie and they had their Cardinals Pell and Muller controlling the money and the doctrine. But then they started their dirty tricks again in 2015.


Many don't want to show the opus dei ties of McCarrick w/his opus dei secretary who appeared with him on Charlie Rose Show the day of Francis' election (and then backed up Vigano's accusations to be hailed by Strickland as a whistle blower) but the ties of Murphy O'Connor -- it was these two who engineered terrible frankie's election deal.

"In 1981 Cardinal Hume laid down some very strict guidelines for Opus Dei to observe, if it wanted to continue operating in Westminster. He had accepted complaints that it was secretive and subjected young people to excessive recruitment pressure....But far more important than this development is the decision of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, to learn from his predecessor, Cardinal Hume. The maverick is not spurned, but welcomed. Rather than warn the organisation to watch its step, the Cardinal has recently appointed an Opus Dei priest to a parish in Swiss Cottage, north London. Opus Dei's view is that the organisation and not just Father Sheehan, the priest concerned, is taking over the parish.


McCarrick and his opus dei secretary Figueiredo on Charlie Rose 3/13/13

Here's fig waxing knowledgeable about opus dei and papal conclaves in 2005

here he is after blowing whistle on mccarrick: She suggested reading Blessed Carlo Acutis: 5 Steps to Being a Saint by Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo. I am most grateful for the suggestion, as the book proved to be a great read full of practical advice taken from the life of this very ordinary and yet remarkable young saint who achieved so much in his short life. By following his example and plan of life we can make great strides in fulfilling our vocation to sanctity.


“I hope Msgr’s bravery inspires others who have information”
Bishop Joseph Strickland calls for more whistleblowers like Mgr Anthony Figueiredo

Yeah, Strychnine, why didn't figueiredo (or opus dei) blow the whistle in 2013?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see 'prolife' death blind lies investigate how opus dei euthanizes its members on special holy days? Or pressures members to get the inheritance from their families? Why don't crazy cisnun sound the alarm about this?

12.5.23 documentary from DW (German) News (English translated) @-8:43 "but was his death really planned? we obtained a document from opus dei founder escriva that was leaked to the court. It stated in part: 'when your hour comes, a priest will take care of you. You should confess everything to him so he can prepare you for God's embrace. ...then the doctor goes and gets an injection."


"He died on May 17, 2015, day of the Ascension of the Lord and Anniversary of the beatification of Escrivá de Balaguer. Before dying and standing, my brother, the one under investigation, gave him communion as he himself declared. Then he began to pray while everyone looked at him.

"The ceremony of Escrivá's death (Evidence admitted by the court) would be read aloud.

"And once again I put the main part of the document as shown in the appeal to the file that is now in the Provincial Court of Murcia. As you can see, in OPUS DEI death ceremonies are carried out with its own members, secret and not known to most of them. They perform a ritual established by Escrivá de Balaguer and in which at the end the doctor goes out to look for an injection.

"They have come to tell us that it is time, and a priest from Casa arrives to assist us. What a consolation to open your soul once again to a brother of yours—I to a son of mine—with whom you have always been sincere! We make a clear, choppy and brief confession. With priestly charity they help us, to better prepare us for the embrace of God: and this?, and this?, and this? —Yes, yes, too. Then they impose a small penance on us: say with me: Hail Mary Most Pure, sinlessconceived. Next, they give us the plenary indulgence in articulo mortis.THE DOCTOR SAYS WE'RE LEAVING, AND GOES OUT TO LOOK FOR AN INJECTION... Your brothers come from the oratory, where they are praying, with candles. They have arrived from the Center where the Holy Oils are kept, so that they can administer the Extreme Unction to us. And we also receive Viaticum. What a joy!

This document was sent in addition to Pope Francis, the President of the Spanish episcopal conference DR Blázquez and the Attorney General's Office of the Spanish State."



Hans Eisner said...

Try your luck with the Booker Prize, Nemo 12:47 PM.

Anonymous said...

I posted a book regarding the francis and opus dei in regard to protecting opus dei pedophiles, the 2013 conclave and vatileaks2, but the censors here deleted it.

HE said...

".....but the censors here deleted it."

Probably because 'they' were after fact not fiction which is the usual currency of conservative blogs and other publications.

Anonymous said...

Post it again

Anonymous said...

"Post it again."

Constructive idea especially if the screed is submitted to Life Site or The Wanderer or Pravda.

Eugene said...

Check it out!


Greg Boyer said...

Does Wemhoff seriously believe that Francis the Humble is reading his blog?

YE said...

"Does Wemhoff seriously believe that Francis the Humble is reading his blog?"

Perhaps not, although it should not surprise if he is convinced that God hangs on the fellow's every word. Tucker and Nemo the Prolix certainly do.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle “HE” 10:18.

Oh no! The Left never engages in selective censorship.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle sockpuppets having a little, mutually pleasuring, chitchat!