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Safety for women from harassment? Paris gives a Third World answer

Paris is in a state of security emergency, but the government is turning a blind eye for ideological reasons.

[Katholisches] Almost nine out of ten women said they had been victims of harassment, sexual assault or even rape on public transport in Paris. These figures were recently published by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. Don't be amazed at the curious name of the former Ministry of Transport, but pay attention to the dramatic figures that reveal a real security emergency in France's capital, one of Europe's most important metropolises. Safety on public transport is a powerful indicator of the state of a society.

But how do politicians and RATP, the state-owned public transport operator in Paris, intend to react to this? France has been governed by the Socialists since 2012 and Paris since 2001.

The aim is to create so-called "safe spaces" in all metro stations of the Paris Métro. The term comes from the woke sociologist language of the USA and refers to protected spaces that create an "inclusive environment" in which people should be "free from discrimination". Instead of taking action against the evil and eliminating it, women should take refuge from harassers in a safe space. The state and the city capitulate to the increasingly unbelievable violence. They do this because the violence comes from foreigners.

The first shelter was opened on 11 December at Auber station. By the end of 2024, there should be a total of 30. There are a total of 308 stations in Paris.

"You can ask for help if you're being harassed on the street, if you feel unsafe, or if someone is aggressive," Pauline Vanderquand, co-founder of the Umay app, told the media. Users who download the app will be able to locate themselves geographically and find the nearest protected location.

Fourteen days after the opening of the first anti-harassment room, there were already ten cases where it was visited.

"We have almost one victim a day," says Pauline Vanderquand.

Staff were trained to receive the victims, reassure them and give them information. But what became of civilized Paris, where women could feel safe on the streets?

With Sandrine Charnoz, the RATP has its own commissioner for combating sexual and sexist violence. It emphasizes that the employees of the protected area support the employees of the transport companies and vice versa:

"All people need to know that they can turn to any RATP employee, especially our staff in the train and metro stations, but also to a bus driver or inspector."

Hasn't that been the case so far?

The "Safe Spaces" initiative is the result of pressure from the political left and feminists. However, it serves to gloss over it, because it is intended to circumvent the real problem, namely the drift of the multicultural society. The unbelievable increase in violence, the victims of which are mainly women, is not due to the French, but to immigrants from foreign cultures, whether with or without a French passport.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, which is suspected of not wanting to show the reality in all its harshness for political reasons, in Île-de-France, which includes the Paris metropolitan area, 69 percent of thefts and physical and sexual violence on public transport were committed by foreigners (not even taking into account naturalized citizens of foreign descent). 52 percent of the perpetrators were of African descent.

Although the violence mainly affects immigrants from Islamic countries, the ruling left does not want to talk about the issue to, as it says, "not be considered racist" or, to put it less charitably, to affront the political competition that raises the issue as "racist".

A representative of the so-called Brigade anti-frotteurs, a plainclothes police unit that takes action against harassers who abuse the evening hours to sexually harass women, confirmed that the attackers are of non-European origin. It is precisely this aspect that the woke left is trying to hide. They don't want to admit that immigration policy has failed. They prefer to put the safety of women in Paris at risk.

The Brigade focuses mainly on the northern area of the urban transport network, in particular lines 2, 4 and 13, which pass through the most criminal areas of Greater Paris, but where there are still tourists. The latter factor apparently plays a role in plugging the security holes. Resources are limited, which is why we have to focus on action. What is meant by this is that at least appearances should be preserved to a certain extent. A member of the brigade recently told Le Figaro:

"In the ten years I've been doing this work, there have been some Europeans and one Chinese, but the vast majority of the attackers I've stopped are of Maghreb origin."

These voices of reality are not perceived by the self-proclaimed "benefactors". In order not to "stigmatize" a certain group of the population, reality must be concealed. Thus, the idea of "protected spaces" is also similar to the proposal of Caroline de Haas, the founder of Osez le féminisme, the oldest feminist movement in France that advocates lesbianism and abortion. In 2017, De Haas had proposed to combat sexual harassment in the multicultural district of Chapelle-Pajol, where hardly any women dare to take to the streets, to "widen the sidewalks".

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Wikicommons

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

The revolutionary regime in France have deliberately caused this multicultural disaster. The critical threshold of 10%+ Muslims in the population has been crossed. This means that what is left of the once dominant Judeo-Christian culture in France will be under ongoing attack and facing constant challenges to its legitimacy. Islam is an oppressive and aggressively imposed false religion that has no place in France or anywhere else. On the basis that error has no rights, no one has the right to be a Muslim, or to follow the evil Sharia Law. I think that Islam and Sharia Law should be banned in France.

Anonymous said...

The solution is obvious and drastic.
Primitive members of a tribe can be easily found in Paris.
Escort them to the shore of the Mediterranean and tell them to swim for good old Africa.

Barnum said...

Gaybriel is going to fly off to Paris and ride the Metro dressed in Madonna Ciccone-style drag. Oh! la! la! Poor musulmans.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle is notably silent on these posts, or he just leaves a steaming and smelly “Ooooh we don’t like Fuzzies, do we?”

Beshara Abou Issa said...

"The revolutionary regime in France have deliberately caused this multicultural disaster."

Let's see some evidence for the gratuitous ambit assertion, Nemo 4:12 PM.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle, people ask for evidence of your gratuitous ambit assertions and you can’t be assed to provide them.

Why do you expect people to do the same? You must be some kind of oppressive and toxic personality in your community.

Anonymous said...

Beshara Abou Issa, As requested, here are some statistics about the Muslim populations in various European cities and areas. You will note that Paris has an estimated 15% Muslim population, whilst other French centers including Marseilles and Avignon have much higher Muslim populations. The revolutionary French government colonized north African Muslim countries such as Algeria and Morocco. The French government has allowed people from these countries to migrate to France. I think this was part of an intentional policy to de-Christianize France and Europe, and to increase the populations of Muslims specifically for this reason.

Anonymous said...

All of the talk about "Muslim" invaders is cloaking this fact:
The people that are causing the trouble are BLACK AFRICANS.
These Ubangi infidels from the jungle do not give a fig about Mohammed.
They want white women to rape. It is called "acting like a savage".
That's what they do.

BAI said...

"All of the talk about "Muslim" invaders is cloaking this fact:
The people that are causing the trouble are BLACK AFRICANS.
These Ubangi infidels from the jungle do not give a fig about Mohammed.
They want white women to rape. It is called "acting like a savage".
That's what they do."

You don't have to go to Europe to come across hundreds of thousands of these 'savages' in a suburb near you. Or, if you don't get out much these days, tune into the NFL.

Anonymous said...

NFL games are wildly tame compared to English football fans who routinely rob, stab and murder each other.

Government subsidized and unreasonable yobs like Gaybrielle are always a big problem in the UK.

Beshara Abou Issa said...

The hate boy-in-chief, sans the royalist moniker, is rattled and rolled. And still talking to shadows.

Anonymous said...

When did you change the look of the website?

Anonymous said...

Bashara Al Gheybri El Drone , the kinds of violence in the UK and all over the rest of Europe that is a commonplace at Football matches, is extremely rare in US.l Football games.

A lot of it is motivated by antagonistic groups with immigrant backgrounds, however.

Anonymous said...

Football hooliganism is such a problem because Soccer is so B O R I N G that the fans have to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

The layout change was bcz Stop Voris wanted to follow liturgical colors for Christmas.

Pieter Hugel said...

"... bcz Stop Voris wanted to follow liturgical colors for Christmas."

a good Stop Voris would think like that.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "Stop Voris" pointless now?

Anonymous said...

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Stop Voris said...

Anon 11:52

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Anonymous said...

He is definitely an expert in attacking from behind.
However, he can also attack from the front and below.
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