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Ordinations Continue in Tradition-friendly Diocese of Frejus-Toulon

Bishop Rey is offside

From a Catholic Woman

On Sunday, January 21st, a priest and three deacons were ordained in Toulon Cathedral. It was a day of joy, because by papal decree of April 28, 2022, the ordinations, which had already been scheduled for the end of June of the same year, were suspended. But the bishop was not allowed to consecrate them.

Msgr. Dominique Rey. Bishop of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon since 2000, was targeted by Pope Francis over two years ago. His courageous openness towards communities of different types, but above all his concern for the believers who were committed to the traditional Mass, as well as an above-average number of candidates for the priesthood made him suspect that he had not selected them carefully enough. The suspension of orders as a first papal sanction was followed by an apostolic visitation and, at the end of November 2023, the appointment of a coadjutor, which ended in the gradual dismantling of a conservative bishop.

Msgr. Franҫois Touvet, Bishop Rey's coadjutor, spoke of the “grace of new beginnings and hope” because the newly ordained, after a long period of waiting, which was also a test for Msgr. Rey and the entire diocese, giving their trust to God.

He recalled the great applause with which he had announced last December 10th that ordinations would be possible again. He thanked Bishop Rey for his humility in accepting the fact that he could not administer the orders himself.

Indeed, Bishop Dominique Rey bears his repression with dignity according to his episcopal motto: “Mitis et humilis corde .” Meek and humble of heart. He felt that the suspension of orders was an unjustified sanction. The fact that his coadjutor was able to immediately announce the repeal of the papal decree upon his introduction may have confirmed this assessment and made visible the papal arbitrary act, which is an act of cruelty towards the candidates for ordination and a slap in the face to a bishop for whom the absolute truth of the Gospel is everything.

After the most recent ordinations, three priestly and three diaconal ordinations are still pending. It is not yet certain whether they will all take place on June 29, 2024, as announced in November. Since they were not allowed to be among the newly ordained, the candidates still cannot be sure that they will not be rejected after all. This also applies to the candidate for the priesthood Thomas Duchesne, who took part in an interview with LifeSiteNews and described that he accepted his suffering in the time of waiting as purification for his future priesthood in Christ sacrifice for his apostolate, the sanctification of souls. God works.

Image: Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon

Trans: Tancred



Ivan said...

In Russia, we have an expression: If a hungry bear is perusing you, you may throw him a raisin cookie 🍪. Just don’t stop to bake him a cake.

Coach Redpill said...

I’m Russia, cookie eat you!

Guido Rossi said...

It's good to see the Catholic Church regaining its health and bearings after the dreadful, dysfunctional governance of JPII's papacy. He weakened the entire Church by granting recognition to scores of cultish associations many on which were led by abusing and authoritarian narcissists like Marcial Marciel.

Benedict attempted to clean up some of the mess left by the Pole but didn't have the strength or will to complete the job. Francis has been achieving the task slowly but judiciously.

Frejus-Toulon had gone rogue and had to be dealt with. Glad to see it happening.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that true reason that the first Bishop was given the boot had anything to do with "Tradition".
Looks like ordinations resumed under the new guy.

So what was the REAL reason the first guy got canned?

Tom Grogan said...

'"I doubt that true reason that the first Bishop was given the boot had anything to do with "Tradition".'

I think that Nemo 3:56 PM is correct.

Those people who constantly claim to be 'orthodox', 'loyal' or preservers or champions of 'Tradition' or 'The Tradition' more often than not demonstrate that they are none of these things. They are ideologists who are captive to their collective resentments and defective ecclesiologist.

It is the Magisterium of the Catholic Church that is entrusted to teach, interpret and to preserve the Scriptures and Tradition.

Anonymous said...

Ok, why was he sidelined, Gaybrielle? You’re the sassy know-it-all!

Anonymous said...

Someone else said that on a previous thread. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Considering that there is ample evidence that Bergoglio has unjustly treated clergy that don’t fit his revolutionary Communist vision of Catholicism, why would it be shocking that Bishop Rey was also being dealt with in this manner?

Take note that diocese with much larger sex abuse and disciplinary problems than Frejus-Toulon, like Bergoglio’s own close suite of lackeys and hangers on, don’t get visitations. Bergoglio has even attempted to rehabilitate a predator Jesuit, Marko Rupnik.

Anonymous said...

What planet are you from?

TG said...

The chap, who comes from the small town in the mid-West called Grizzleguts, suffers from chronic canine viral distemper.

He needs help.

Anonymous said...

This antipope wishes to crush or at least impede any devout, traditional priest or prelate as well as religious brothers and sisters. Any time he affirms traditional Catholicism, like Marian devotion, it is simply a ploy to appear Catholic so that he may further destroy true faith and promote Marxism and false ecumenism. Deus misereatur in eium. Sit mox mors eius cito.

Anonymous said...

Indeed...Francis seems to prefer Satanic perverts like Rupnik and Fernandez.

TG said...

"....devout, traditional priest or prelate as well as religious brothers and sisters. Any time he affirms traditional Catholicism, .."

These "traditional priests that the Johnnie Z clone mentions or 'traditional catholicism' so ofter trumpeted are usurpers who have abandoned the Tradition of the Church which is interpreted, taught and preserved by the Magisterium of the Church, not by self-appointed interest groups. They are not in any way 'traditional' but dissenters and schismatics.

Anonymous said...

I get it, you don’t like Z, but isn’t it really that you just hate the Catholicism that they seem to like? You seem like a little ghey bitch trying to find fault with him because you resent that he gets more traffic than people of your obviously astroturfed and fraudulent ilk.

Anonymous said...

I get it, you don’t like Z, but isn’t it really that you just hate the Catholicism that he and other clergy seem really motivated by and eager to preserve and treasure? You and your friends (like Mike Lewis) are just little ghey bitches trying to find fault with him because you resent that he gets more traffic than people of your obviously astroturfed and fraudulent ilk.

Anonymous said...

Observe how Z-boy has pulled he rug from underneath the Monks who make Mystic Monk Coffee.
And then has the nerve to blame everything on Voris.
We all know that it's because they cut back on his commission after C.M. attacked them and tanked their coffee sales.
He is already pimping another brand. Probably worked out a sweet deal with them.
He is a true grifter.

TG said...

"He is a true grifter." Agreed, Nemo 12:33 PM.

It's all about Z Inc. Anything that doesn't attract the $$$s gets the chop just like commenters who expose him in his dissemblance.

At the moment, Z is preparing the compliant followers for Lent and the demands of the penitential season which, for them, will entail coughing up $40-50,000 to fund the April-May no junket in Rome. Pricey digs, food, booze and a very costly exercise in keeping Z's mind clear, a smile on his face and even more poundage on his guts.

The daily blog offerings haven't differed in years. They don't need to as they are posted on a loop, All he does is change the date and push a button.

Laziness is one of Z's charming traits.

I think that even the poor buggers who fund him are gradually coming to understand that he's a faker, and very expensive one at that.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, I actually know Z and saw him in action for years. He was probably an A student in college and High School. He was meticulous about his clothes and preaching, almost to a fault. On hot Summer days on Sunday afternoon, he was often leading Vespers and Benediction, which he loved. He was usually also present at the confessional every Saturday (there was a nice sign in calligraphy with his name offering confessions in “German and English”) and he had time slots to say daily Mass. (His favorite was 40 Hours of Devotion) Being lazy wasn’t one of his shortcomings. I’d call him downright busy and well, fastidious. Just as a side note, I find it ironic, that there was more Benedictine monasticism at the parish of Saint Agnes than there was at what was then the largest Benedictine Monastery in the world. It was like a publishing house and a University with a Monastery where middle aged Nancy monks could bother young undergraduate men and High School age boys at their Youth Camp and Choral Summer Programme.

I’m sure Z could have been a “roads” scholar too, so he could play the superannuated gradual student at the expense of Folare, but he wanted to be Catholic since he converted from Lutefisk Luciferianism.

TG said...

Here he goes again:

Z ‘Grifter’ Zuhlsdorf has just launched the Spring fundraiser for his twice annual self-indulgent junket in Rome. The bottom line is that for four – five months of the year, on the scam dollar, Zuhlsdorf is unmonitored so he can go about doing what he wants most of all, to gorge himself silly on very extensive food and drink. Here’s a few of the formulaic shallow rationalizations:
I do these fundraisers in terms of “days in Rome”, which will cover my best estimate of airfare, rent, food, getting around, etc. Eating “out” in Rome is expensive, so I’ll save a great deal by having my own kitchen. Besides, it’s hard to beat what I make anyway especially with those great ingredients, and it’s a pleasure to shop the shops and stands in the Campo de’ Fiori open market which I’ve known for years, decades really.
Please give me a hand with this? …..

…….My best arguments for support for this project are as they were before: Masses celebrated for the donors for the project, enhanced content here, and the knowledge that often, when walking about, I suddenly realize that I am smiling.

Then there’s the $$$ and unctuous begging bleats:

I’ll record the names of everyone who donates, large and small, and remember you at daily Mass, pray for you at the tombs of saints, and say Mass for your intention often. This will be pretty much every day. I remember my regular monthly donors and keep some days open for emergency intentions and Requiems.
The usual ways of donating are available. Zelle, through your bank works well (use frz AT wdtprs DOT com). For international donations there is a service called WISE which is very good and has the lowest fees and best conversion rate I’ve seen and I can accept any currency with it, convert it, and either move it or withdraw it using an ATM in Rome. Try WISE. HERE

There’s also waaavy flag.
If you use an online service to donate, add a note “Days in Rome” and your email address in the message option if you want me to write back. Sometimes these services don’t automatically provide your email address.

This fellow is a self-referential materialist and a scandal. No wonder he is banned by the US Catholic bishop.

Anonymous said...

How is it self-indulgent? Don’t you take vacations Gaybrielle?

I’m sending money, rn!

TG said...

"Why do I do this? This is my way to keep my brain alive, my priestly identity strong and – having been cancelled in significant ways – my liturgical batteries recharged. Last October was wonderful, even though “walking together” was going on. In short, when I am there I’m a great deal happier."

All this is a mixture of utter nonsense, rationalization and excuses for nothing but sheer narcissism and all funded by the scammed to the tune of $40 -50,000. The prick is laughing himself silly.

Anonymous said...

If people are willing to give him money, they must value what he has on offer.

Just look at James Martin and piles of crap like Leonardo Boff. They get paid a lot more than fifty thousand to scam Catholic laity and fake Catholic schools (Of course, they help these institutions launder the spiritual lucre)