Thursday, November 9, 2023

They’re Even Dragging Tommy Robinson Out for This One

VIDEO: Tommy is Leading You into a TRAP - Don't go to London Tommy Robinson is calling for people to go to London this weekend to ‘defend the Cenotaph’ and the media are already writing headlines about clashes between ‘far right hooligans’ and ‘pro-Palestinian protestors’. Don’t fall into the trap of going to London and getting involved in violent disorder – this is what the media and the government want, as they will use this disorder as a reason to pass new laws that will take away our right to protest and diminish our freedoms. This is one big trap – stay away!


Anonymous said...

is that dude a Norbertine?

Nick Avra said...

" that dude a Norbertine?"

Possibly, but more likely a Saracen.