Friday, November 3, 2023


Edit: there was always a coterie of older wahmen who had absolutely no respect for people offering their thanksgiving after Mass. Among them, there was a more entitled group from a prominent trad family. They were especially hurt and venomous when they were asked nicely to shut it.

It was almost always old women, often without veils, and a few effeminate men. Most men were too ashamed to make such a display.

I always wondered how such people could act this way, especially while making such ambitious spiritual claims for themselves. You’d think they’d show more respect for the Eucharistic Lord and their fellow Christians, who are trying to worship Him and learn His ways in the fastness of silence.

A lot has been written about the importance of silence and being disposed to receive God’s call.

Still, it’s  nice to read others who have similar views of silence, particularly after Mass. But to be sure, this is by far a much bigger problem in the Novus Ordo where it seems reasonable to suppose that there is near constant change and novelty, except the host doesn’t change.


Anonymous said...

Very rarely do I hear any talking before or after my TLM coming from the back of the church.
I guess that I am lucky, but everyone takes their conversation elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The SSPX chapel I regularly attend has no conversation in the nave. People chat quietly in the foyer and wait till they get downstairs with the donuts and coffee to let it all hang out.

Anonymous said...

The irreverent secular American culture infiltrates every aspect of western life, as per the chatter and gabbing and slob dress on display at the Novus ordo.

Ulrich Sanger said...

The Catholic Amish of the TLM subculture excel in their passive demeanor.

Anonymous said...

Back before the “Council”, nobody talked inside the church building after Mass . Old farmers would stand outside in their newest Sears and Roebuck coveralls, with a tie on, smoking pipes, talking for hours and hours about the local news and who was getting how much corn per acre….

Geez, even the Sisters of Saint Joseph Crandolet told us to shut up after Mass till we got outside.

Nowadays farmers, they’ve got to politic and show off inside the church in their most childish shorts and t-shirts. I can’t imagine anyone exposed to the post-conciliar mentality of narcissism and a lack of love for neighbor, would have much of an interior life. This is part of the reason no one sees people after Mass praying privately and offering votives for signal graces. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen votives in the US. Please tell me there’s an old Italian or Austrian church somewhere that Catholics are pious enough to be silent after Mass.

Zac Kraunios said...

The Lingua franca of the USA is shouting, so what does anyone reasonably expect and two thirds of the world population walk around permanently with sound equipment welded into their ears?

Anonymous said...

This happens in the UK all the time also.