Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Jesse Romero reacts to Gary Voris & Budgie Niles

Just about everybody in the Right-Wing “Catholic” Blogosphere was given a script for what to say about Gary and Budgie and dutifully repeated it. What a fake bunch of fakes. They’re as fake as Voris' hair.

They’re all careful not to mention that Voris is in legal trouble for threatening a witness in a court case involving slander he leveled at a Catholic priest in New Hampshire. Interestingly, the only source I have for that is fake Catholic advocate of Jewish power, Mr. Simpchimp Fischer, the partner of Simcha.

It’s almost like someone doesn’t want the real story to get out.

“Hey everybody, at least pretend to be Holy and pray the rosary and think nice thoughts about Budgie and Gary the Faerie. Thanks, go back to work!”



  1. Is this the singing techno cowboy on RTF?

  2. Romero is Tay-Tay's new bestie.
    Wonder if Tay-Tay makes him cut he lawn and trim the hedges before he puts him on?

  3. Didn't Jesse Romero (ex LAPD) tells us we would soon learn the details about the immigrant who murdered Bishop O'Connell? Still waiting...

  4. That is a great question.
    I had forgotten about his EXPLOSIVE revelations about that whole incident.
    He is depending on the internet attention spans of people. Like a housefly.