Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Busting the Bill Gates Myth

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  1. This has got to be Bill G. limited hangout. These 2 commies with their presumptuous "we must not allow people to amass such huge wealth", blah, blah. Not a peep about Gates' sterilization of African women, or giving polio to half a million Indian kids. Just blather about how great and lifesaving "vaccines" are, how Gates uses his wealth to buy political power and get citizen tax dollars for his projects, skating right over the gov't corruption that allows this because these people are commies, and gov't corruption is how they roll. These people are pushing the wealth taxes etc., full well knowing that the very wealthy will be exempt via loopholes, while the avg Joe won't be allowed to leave his kids anything. Not a word about the dismal academic performance of US kids after Gates' tax-exempt foundation's (and what a racket those "foundations" are!)"philanthropy", and Bush's "No Child Left Behind". Nothing about Gates' eugenic assertions, nothing about vax deaths, or the free ride they have to experiment thanks to no liability for "vaccine" issues, KNOWN to be dangerous.