Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Bergoglio to Ban Our Lady of Fatima



Anonymous said...

Is that good or bad?

Anonymous said...

Does this person have a name?
I can post something on Youtube and be dressed up like a priest.
It is also easy to say "I heard a rumor that..... blah,blah,blah".

Do better, E.F. .

Paddy O'Shaunassy said...

"It is also easy to say "I heard a rumor that..... blah,blah,blah"." Good one, Nemo 9:27 PM.

However, it is EP editorial policy never to let truth get in the way of spreading fake news.

Anonymous said...

All news is fake 🗞️

Anonymous said...

"Pope" John23 and Vatican 2 "popes" downplayed, lied about, and ignored the Fatima messages.

Now Bergoglio wants to ban them completely?
They don't fit with his new anti-Christian "Church".

Anonymous said...

JPII placed the bullet that went through him in the crown of the Lady of Fatima statue in acknowledgement of her intercession.

So....no. He did not ignore or downplay the Fatima message.

Do your homework before to say something stupid.

Anonymous said...

I have done "homework" on JP 2, e.g.
Jewish background, actor, kissed the Koran, met with false Sister Lucy, did not release the true 3rd secret, made the Fatima message about him being shot etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Go away, Mr Troll.

Anonymous said...

How dare you not post the official fake and gay news at great publications like the New York Times, Jews News, Newsmax and Times of Israel.

Also, Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck are goid!!

Do better EF!

Anonymous said...

Anon: 11/15 @ 8:10am

Why would JPII waste his time speaking with a "false" Sister Lucy?
An imposter wouldn't be able to tell him anything except a new recipe for kielbasa casserole.