Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Bishop Strickland freed up to pray & spend more time with friends & family


Tom said...

So, the Argentines are backing a Texican. I wonder what they know about Bergi and why he has never made a return visit to his homeland. Pope's haven't been prisoners of the Vatican since 1929.
Scratch a Liberal and you'll always find a tyrant.

Mandy said...

Do you guys watch Church Militant?
They're already reporting this.


Ned Irvine said...

"Scratch a Liberal and you'll always find a tyrant."
Scratch an UberRight winger and you'll find a brass ass.

Tom Kirton said...

Mandy wrote:
"Do you guys watch Church Militant?
They're already reporting this."


Mandy might do well to check the creds of the Rome reporter interviewed in this piece. Hè's Dr Jules Gomez, a suspended Church of England priest who was too loopy even for the Anglicans but just nutty enough for Voris.

Gomez makes the classic mistake of trying to create facts out of conjecture.


Anonymous said...

Sean Strickland stuns Israel


Zven Larssen said...

Anon 6:00 PM stuns Mullets

Anonymous said...


What is that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

It means certain trolls love to be obnoxious. They realize it is a character flaw, but because of their self evident "high intelligence" (/s), they consider being obnoxious a cute flaw, one they are entitled to be proud of in the inversion of civility.