Thursday, August 24, 2023

Nicaragua Bans Jesuits

Edit: they’re the ones who put the Communists in power in the first place.

MEXICO CITY — Nicaragua’s government on Wednesday declared the Jesuit religious order illegal and ordered the confiscation of all its property.

The move comes one week after the government of President Daniel Ortega confiscated the Jesuit-run University of Central America in Nicaragua, arguing it was a “center of terrorism.” 

 The confiscation order published Wednesday claimed the Roman Catholic order had failed to comply with tax reporting.



Anonymous said...

Oh, dear.
Does this mean that James Martin cannot troll the gay nightspots in Managua while on his vacation?

Anonymous said...

The Bergogliotroll will find this intolerably rigid.

Joe Vella said...

The strutting little Generalissimo will change address in due course then the Jesuits will return.

Anonymous said...

Wtf, I love Ortega now!!!

Anonymous said...

Ortega banned all abortions and now the Jesuits, doesn't he support the Spirit of Vatican II?