Tuesday, May 16, 2023

New York Church Has Blasphemous Display

 Edit: someone will probably tear this down, but this “parish” even has a groomer salon where vile perverts meet and broaden their social circles.

Of course it’s run by the Paulists. They started out as a universalist heretical organization and became more open about what they are as time goes on.

“Father” Rick

[Catholic Snooze Agency] A controversial art display at a Manhattan Catholic church titled “God is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey” is undergoing a name and description change, but has not been removed as was previously reported.

News of the exhibit at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan was originally reported by the New York Post on May 7, causing a firestorm online with many calling the artwork “blasphemous.”

A sign accompanying the display said the artwork, a three-painting collection, “maps the queer spiritual journey” while claiming that “there is no devil.”



Anonymous said...

This is counterfeit Catholicism. Be sure to avoid this Church. People leading homosexual lives are on a pathway to perdition. The truly Catholic alternative is sacramental general confession with no sin omitted or left unconfessed, serious penance, reform of one's life, renunciation of a sinful lifestyle, and willingness to suffer and carry one's cross to carry out Christ's commands. Sodomy is not worth eternal hellfire.

Anonymous said...

Sirico was ordained a Catholic priest in 1989 after completing novitiate with the Paulist fathers

In early 1972, Sirico was advised by the Seattle Charismatic Presbytery, an organ of 70 Protestant and Catholic clergy and laymen, that it was creating the Robert Sirico Foundation to finance his healing ministry. A spokesman for the Presbytery publicly praises Sirico as "a spirit-filled young man whom God has blessed with a marvelous healing ministry." Under the umbrella of the Charismatic Renewal Movement, Sirico's "miracle healings" were drawing capacity crowds at local churches. But the Presbytery was in for a deep disappointment.

On May 10, 1972, Sirico held a press conference and publicly announced he is was a homosexual, that he had known he was a homosexual since the age of 13, and that he intended to establish a different kind of "church" in Seattle — a satellite of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church (UFMCC) founded by homosexual activist Rev. Troy Perry in Los Angeles in 1968. The UFMCC teaches that homosexuality is neither a sin nor a sickness and that "homosexual relationships should be celebrated and affirmed." The UFMCC has been frequently used as a battering ram against the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant sects who oppose homosexuality...

On April 21, 1975, Sirico performed the first same-sex "marriage" in the United States between two male homosexuals with a civil marriage license at the First Unitarian Church of Denver, Colo.

Nearly one year later, Sirico gained additional national notoriety, when dressed in a black clerical suit with a Roman collar, he made the pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer under the headline "'Male Slave Mart' Raid in L.A. Called a Mistake."

A phone call by this writer to the UFMCC in Los Angeles in early 2007 confirmed that the Rev. Robert Sirico involved in the two history-making "gay" events at the Unitarian Church in Denver in 1975 and the Mark IV Health Club in Los Angeles in 1976, was the same Father Robert Sirico who headed the Acton Institute and St. Philip Neri House in Kalamazoo. [3]


Anonymous said...

The Paulists have been fag city for decades.

JBQ said...

From '09 through '19, I participated in the St. Patrick Day festivities in Manhattan. I am a retired urban hs teacher and Navy veteran from the Midwest. I always stayed at the MidTown YMCA for a week in Manhattan near Columbus Circle at 59th. This sits two blocks from Trump Tower and about five blocks from the Church of St. Paul. Fordham Manhattan and the Fordham Law School are right there. This also sits near the opera and Juilliard.
I always visited St. Paul. It is a beautiful church with Gothic architecture. There is a great painting of St. Paul. There is also a large sculpture of white marble as you enter. A large cross is a shrine visited by many. The impressive altar was dismantled and a monstrosity of a table set in the middle of the church.
I suspected the gay influence when I attended Mass. One priest was obviously gay but not all. They do plenty of good works for the poor.
Nevertheless, I was quite agitated with an incident involving immigrants. In 2018, I noted two women sleeping in a church pew with a blanket over their heads and huddled together. Remember, this is New York City in March.
Sure and begorrah, I returned in 2019 to find the same women sleeping in the same pew. You talk about shock. They evidently sleep in the church during the day and ply their trade at night. Who can make this up?
Sadly, I have not been back since. I made contact with an Irish parish during my visits. I donated big money in memory of my mother.
The pastor, it turns out, was grooming me. After Mass, he sat me down in a pew, put his arm around me, and went on to grope my crotch. I jumped up and he took me down to the parish dinner.
I have not been back since. Obviously, I forgive him. However, this is where the Church has gone. He even had the gall to mail me a letter on parish stationary from a new parish in December of 2021 inviting me to stay with him in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Filthy boy.

Anonymous said...

5/18 @ 7:37am:

You are a Navy Veteran and a retired High School teacher and you didn't see that you were being "groomed" (at your age the word is "cruised"), by a homo-Priest?
And then you went with him and had dinner downstairs after he sexually assaulted you.
And you never ran into a fag at the infamous YMCA in Mid-town Manhattan?
Talk about being naive.

I suppose that I should feel sorry for you, but you need to put your big-boy pants on and grow up.