Monday, May 22, 2023

EMJ vs. the Has-been Lay Convert Apologists

Do people still care to listen to these bloviators?  
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If E. Michael Jones was to excuse himself from the event, that might be understandable because the line up includes Thug Gordon who, along with presidential candidate Preppy Taylor publicly slandered EMJ and prevented him from defending himself.  Then, Mr. Macho sent his wife Stephanie out on Twitter to say they would never apologize to EMJ and they still pedal the lie that he called Mother Angelica a Lesbian.


Anonymous said...

The lockdown was not kind to Mister Shea. You could say it drove him nuts but it was a short ride.

Marty Dolan said...

Just what the Catholic Church does not need: a rogue Sede-Vacantist mud wrestling with a bunch of know-it-all converts who don't have a clue about how Catholicism ticks.

Anonymous said...

Never cared much for Patty-cakes but I have to hand it to him on this.

(Spitzer....Goldstein.....wonder if Janet Smith has some jew blood lurking....)

The Tribe raises it's ugly head.

This whole sh*t-show controversy has very little to do with sedevacantism and everything to do with EMJ spilling it about the raw power of the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

EMJ rivals George Weigel in churching out turgid, repetitive vacuous little tomes that end up being pulped for lack of sales.

P. Ad said...

It's easy to say things about people when you use a handle of anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I see.
So your given name is: "P.Ad" ?