Sunday, April 16, 2023

Who is Gary the Fairy cornholing today??


Anonymous said...

Voris and Milo both like 👍🏿 black cock!
At least they aren’t racists.

Marc Scarborough said...

Nick Fuentes!?!?!?!

Frank Mueller said...

You have ruined my dinner

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that the real story behind the CM layoffs and other attending drama have not yet been revealed.
Look at the attractive young men that have disappeared from the line-up.
Since Gary runs the whole show, he had a hand in getting rid of them.
I wonder if they were made to sign a NDA.
Even with that possibility, 19 pissed-off people will find a way to vent.
Stay tuned.

And getting to the Milo thing: He still has the "husband", so how has he "repented"?

Anonymous said...

The book Man Behind the Curtain stated that Voris was HIV+ and impotent only a year prior to starting Real Catholic TV. Has he been cured? He could have fame and money promoting a snake oil for that.

Anonymous said...

HIV status and impotency do not go hand in hand.
A homo can be in full-blown AIDS, get an erection and pass the virus to others.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that they were linked other than they could both mess with his head in different ways. The softness also makes his conversion seem less sincere. Many homos seek out HIV+ for the thrill.

Since reading the book, I’ve heard that he lives on and off with a gay priest, goes to a gay Mass when he goes at all, and is still on good terms with his former “husband.”

Nazi Niles has a reputation for being a nymphomanic and views Voris’s condition as something of a challenge.
But what was said about the others in this video is truly disturbing.


Jon Estrada said...

Your all just jealous of Michael Voris

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes.
We all aspire to be just like him. HA!

Debra Cleghorn said...


We are all stupider for having read
your comment.

Jon Estrada said...

Why then is he living rent free in your brains?

Anonymous said...

Better in my brain than in your rectum, Gaybrielle.