Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Minnesota State Legislature Wants to Make Pedophiles a Protected Class

Edit: they aren’t hurting anyone! ūüėā 

[Hot Air] What if I told you that a bill in the Minnesota Legislature is changing the definition of “sexual orientation” to include pedophilia?

That’s crazy, right? Who thinks pedophiles should be a protected class?

The authors of this bill which is progressing through the Minnesota State Legislature, that’s who.

The bill amends the provisions in Minnesota law that created sexual orientation as a protected class, meaning that discrimination of any kind based upon sexual orientation is illegal in the state. It’s been around for a long time, unsurprisingly, and like all such provisions, it encourages mischief such as lawsuits, quotas, DEI initiatives, etc. They als


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn’t they be protected?

Anonymous said...

So a significant number of the Min. legislature are pedophiles and want to have sex with cognitively and physically undeveloped humans they can take advantage of and physically and mentally destroy???? They want "protection" for this behavior???
Someone needs to explain how this is even up for discussion.

Anonymous said...

The correct term for paedophiles is pederasts. People with this sexual perversion shouldn't have special protections at law because error has no rights. People who deliberately choose to engage in pederasty are choosing to commit both a crime and a mortal sin. We should pray for their contrition, remorse, conversion and repentance whist they still live and breathe.

Unknown said...

There must be a war. And there will be a war. If you don't choose a side, a side will choose you.
There will be a war. And it will be soon.