Monday, April 24, 2023

Cathcon: Gay Priest Would Rather Throw Host on Floor Rather Than on Tongue

Edit: we jumped to the conclusion about this priest's sexuality. Whoever ordained this thing should be punished.

Did a priest from the Diocese of Tarbes drop a consecrated host on Sunday?

Our readers report a serious incident during Communion this Sunday morning in Bazet - where the Mass of Bordères-sur-l'Echez, of the diocese of Tarbes-Lourdes, has been transferred since the closure of this church to the public for damages last March. The celebrant, Father Dorothée, is said to have deliberately dropped the consecrated Host in front of a member of the faithful at the end of communion. This did not fail to shock some of those present.

We received two testimonies from the faithful - they also gave us the opportunity to put them online, for which we thank them. (see link below)

"Traumatised and shocked" congregants. 

Firstly, the testimony of a worshipper, present in the front row with his wife. Jean Baptiste: "I was with my wife at the Mass in Bazet, with Father Dorothée. The liturgical leader was Carlito Beixiga and it went well. But at the end of the Mass at Communion we were traumatised, shocked by what had happened. 

Carlito came forward to take communion, he had the guitar in his hands, he couldn't take it in his hands, [he opens his mouth], so the father dropped the host on the ground like this [he makes the gesture of taking the host between two fingers and dropping it], it fell on the ground, the host, and then the guitarist picked it up. With my wife, I was a witness and we were traumatised, shocked that the father had no compassion for Jesus and for this gentleman. 

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