Wednesday, February 1, 2023

More Untimely Deaths and Heart Attacks -- Did Mark Steyn Get the Death Jab?

Edit: we'll just keep sharing these out.  It's sad that such a young man might otherwise be alive today if he hadn't gotten the death jab to keep his job.  It would be a shame if someone sued KARE TV.

[MSN] Regular viewers of KARE 11 in Minnesota were somewhat shocked following the news that Andy Trowbridge, a sports producer who had worked with the station for 15 years, had died. The news came quite suddenly, and Andy was only in his 30s at the time of his death. Following the news, many naturally wondered what Andy's cause of death was, and whether it was a surprise to those who knew him.

Even Neocon war mongers like Mark Steyn got the Vaxx and has had TWO heart attacks.

Apparently, Steyn is opposed to the jab.  Did he get the JAB?  The Jewish commentator gives an account of himself, here.  He pretty much breezes over.

Speaking of anti-Vaxx Canadians! Remember these guys at Lifesite?



mary said...

Steyn is catholic

Anonymous said...

He’s a gutless shapeshifter like Hugh Hewitt.

Anonymous said...

The US is the most obese country on earth. It's not the vaxx that is the prime culprit, it's the gross lard people are hauling about.

Anonymous said...

Steyn is Irish of Hebrew extraction.

Anonymous said...

Oh like U of Arizona swim star Ty Wells age 23?

Tom said...

I never understood how Hewitt could claim to be a Catholic and also a Presbyterian elder.
I think Steyn has one Jewish grandparent and is currently an Episcopagan.

Anonymous said...

Obesity in the US is a problem but that is not the issue here. The "vaxx" is killing healthy, fit non-obese people of all ages in every country!

Dov said...


Like Malachi Martin?

Anonymous said...

Stop parsing.
He is a jew.