Sunday, February 19, 2023

Catholic Bishop Found Dead — Taylor Marshall Live


Dexter Pole said...

Great website but you need to tell Frank Walker over at Canon212 that his link is no longer working.

Anonymous said...

Well, Church Militant also spoke about this:

James said...

Jesse Romero has been making all of the rounds with his "inside information".
Does he really think that all of the alleged circumstances about this will come out at trial?
Keep dreaming, Jess.
The guy will plead guilty. The scenario will be as follows:
1) "I was high on meth".
2) Consequently, he will plead to 2nd degree murder.
3) He will get 20 years. Because of his age, he will die in prison.
4) The L.A. Prosecutor will declare "case closed".
5) All info will be sealed and the subject dropped.

Romero will milk it for a month or so. And then the Catholic Internet moves on.

Anonymous said...

He was outspoken on political, moral and Religious issues. Want to bet he was anti-Vax?

Anonymous said...

He was a lefty, though.

Anonymous said...

"He was a lefty, though." But was he right?