Monday, February 13, 2023

Biden Appointee Who Mandated Military Death Jab Resigns

 [The DossierDr Terry Adirim, the government bureaucrat behind the infamous and unlawful Pentagon vaccine mandate, will “leave her post in the coming days,” reports FedScoop.

Adirim is currently the executive director of the VA’s electronic health record modernization integration office, having held the role since late 2021.

While she was in the Pentagon as the acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs (serving as a Biden Admin political appointee), Dr Adirim, signed her name to an order forcing service members to take the emergency use authorization (EUA) vaccine. Adirim’s memo attempted to justify mandating EUA shots as if they were FDA approved, which was not the case at the time, and remains the same today. The mandate led to countless vaccine injuries, the worst recruiting crisis since the formation of the all-volunteer military, and thousands of service members discharged for refusing to take the mRNA experimental gene serum.



Anonymous said...

Yet they still leave that degenerate tranny psycho in Office.

Biff said...

This is an excellent post. All of these trannies make me sick 🤢

Anonymous said...

Congress and many others in government, also Pfizer employees, did not have to take the toxic death "vaccines" so they protected their own people!
Did this Dr. Adirim take the poison vaxx herself or was she exempt also I wonder?