Thursday, January 12, 2023

What is Preppy Taylor up to?


 It's been 2,305 days since Cardinal Burke sent over the Dubia. If you think he's going to lead a coup, you've got ragù for brains


Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

The real question is this: how is it that “traditionalists” like Taylor Marshall, along with those who run this very site, continue to refuse to accept the reality of the empty papal chair? This continuing refusal boggles sane minds.

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Anonymous said...

i guess, Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube, because the chair isn't empty. francis is sittin' in it. He's practically all the folks at novus ordo watch write about and why would they write about him at all except that he's the pope and long after they are dead and forgotten, all the history books will carry Francis' name as sitting pope at this time (good, bad or indifferent). You'd think they'd realize something so obvious, but I guess everyone has to have a way to waste their time on the way to hell.

Anonymous said...

So, Bergoglio "abdicates" to become "pope emeritus", and the anti-Christ is elected by "conservative cardinals" to deceive people? People are running from this satanic V2Nuchurch, whether Bergoglio is really pope or not...and I don't see how a Christ-hating, demon worshipping self admitted communist who desecrates St. Peter's can be pope. That's not just a "bad pope".

Anonymous said...

He has become more smarmy than his old boyfriend Thug.

Anonymous said...

Thug and his brother are going to duke it out on a podcast soon.

1) For suing Thug's wife

2) For dissing the Latin Mass

Makes for great Catholic internet entertainment.

Shawn Agnew said...

I used to work in an institution for the mentally retarded.
Watching them fight and bite each others ears 👂 off was great entertainment.
Listening to them “argue” was even better.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Prep and the Thug break up?

Anonymous said...

Prep met Thug in person.
Prep recoiled in horror at the trashy, in-person image that Thug presented.
The partnership was dissolved from that point on.

Anonymous said...

"Why did the Prep and the Thug break up?"

2 massive egos fighting for attention. Only one could win the p*****g competition.

Anonymous said...

Thug probably toked a lid to chill out before the meeting and Taytay could smell the rank weed residue.

Emmett T. said...

Wasn’t he canned by Garces Jr High for substance abuse and helping juniors get high?🥬🚬

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

Why so much hostility from all of you towards Gordon and Marshall? You’re on the same team. Like you, they push the ridiculous R&R position and therefore call the rabidly anti-Catholic Francis an actual pope, and they too therefore enable both the diabolical Francis and the Novus Ordo Antichurch he leads. You’re certainly no better than they are.

Marcus said...

He says he got fired for dissing BLM after he got fired.

Why does a guy need a law degree to teach ninth grade religion?

Anonymous said...

Thug and Taytay are astroturf purveyors of religious goods, but they are also gayte keepers. I started going after them when they accused Mike Jones of accusing Mother Angelica of being a lesbian. If you’re going to call someone out, don’t lie. Preppie Taylor and Thug are liars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not sure if they are liars are just Drama Queens...

Anonymous said...

But definitely attention whores.

Anonymous said...

Since these are all opus dei, not sure what you are worried about since you are one of them w/"mike jones". They only appear to fight each other. My surmise is Marshall & Lifesitenews (Front Royal, VA) are the infiltrators (just like w/Fisher More College/Vennari/Gruner); Voris and Gordon are the open enemies. [Don't hear much about 'pro-life,' Lutheran convert Alexander Tschugguel since he nearly died of Covid after carrying out a mission paid for by (that generous soul) Tay; he "surprisingly" 'fessed all after nearly dying--for life insurance?]
You could sum up opus dei: "There was a dog lying in a manger who did not eat the grain, but who nevertheless prevented the horse from being able to eat anything either."

This is why God chose a stable for his birth: "There is nothing like an early morning in the barn, drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, talking to exercise riders, jockeys, grooms, owners and trainers—and most of all seeing the beautiful shining horses groomed to perfection stamping and nickering with their breath showing on a cold morning galloping on the track after sleeping a calm night in a cozy, warm, clean, sweet-smelling peaceful barn—the perfect place for Baby Jesus to be born."

They attend/watch SSPX but point to syncretist opus dei convert Peter Kreeft "At any rate, philosopher Peter Kreeft has a book called Socrates meets Descartes that I'm interested in reading."

"In the question and answer period that followed, students probed into the basis of Kreeft’s perspectives on world religions. One student asked if there might be those outside the Christian tradition, like Plato, who received divine revelation. Kreeft cited the view held by almost all of the church fathers that Greek philosophy, including the concepts of logos (the Word) and dunamus (power), was part of the preparation for Christ’s coming. Kreeft also suggested that the god Socrates worshipped was the same one revered at the altar “to the unknown god” the Apostle Paul saw at the Acropolis.[1] Responding to a question on his understanding of inclusivism, Kreeft described conversations he had with Buddhists and zen masters who believe in the unity of religions not because they have seen the vision of unity themselves, but because they have faith in the mystical experience of a few."

I wonder if Kreeft's 'logos' is the same as mike jones' - and he's workin' for the downfall of Catholic Church and the USA just like Jones & you at the 'royalist blog':

"Logos cannot rise effectively until the American Empire Falls …this evil institution has to go"

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is a fake. He is the one behind. Msgr. Jeffery Burrill the former secretary of the Bishops Conference.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:04. Jones says he’s not Opus.

John said...

What was the name of the young religious brother who used to suck him?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:57AM - well, you know opus dei is a secret society and his anti-semitism may be his deepest cover, just like his convert pal, Israel Shamir. And while there are scads of clues in his anti-capitalist, anti-U.S., pro-Russian, syncretist, 'logos rising' world view, the evidence most persuasive to me is his thesis on Hawthorne (the machine/em jones) and his wife, "Sophia (that's really her name/dove/holy ghost/wisdom), the angel"


"The point here is not that it is unusual for a young man (or not so young: Hawthorne was 35 at the time) to speak glowingly of his fiancee, but rather that it was strange for one whose mind was on marriage to refer to his spouse-to-be in terms that precluded any possibility of sexuality. Why, in other words, is the chief symbol in the stock imagery of contemporary love letters an asexual one? "I feel so sensibly, " Hawthorne wrote to Sophia roughly one year after their marriage, " that thou art my chastest, holiest wife - a woman and
an angel."

"Man," writes Pascal uncannily describing the age of angelism and the one following it:
is neither angel nor beast, and unfortunately the man who tries to live as though he were an angel ends by sinking to the level of the beast.

Rather than continue, I would probably do better to end with a passage - a parable almost, strangely reminiscent of Melville - from one of Hawthorne's early letters to his wife , the woman whom he referred to equally as dove and angel. The passage ends with a mock epigraph
which might well be a symbolic judgment on the exalted hopes o f the age.
"Do you remember," he writes: the story of a cat who was changed in to a lovely
lady? -- and on her bridal night, a mouse happened to run across the floor and forth with the cat-wife leaped out of bed to catch it. What if mine own Dove, in some woeful hour for her poor husband, should remember her Dove-instincts, and spread her wings upon
the western breeze and return to him no more. Then would he stretch out his arms, poor wingless biped,ot having the wherewithal to fly, and say aloud - "Come back, naughty Dove! - w hith e r are you going? -come back, and fold your wings upon my heart again
or it will freeze!" And the Dove would flutter her wings and pause a moment in the air, meditating whether or not she would come back; for in truth, as
her conscience would tell her, this poor mortal had given her all he had to give - a resting place on his bosom - a home in his deepest heart. But then she would say to herself - "my home is in the gladsome air - and if I need a resting-place , I can find one on any of the sunset-clouds. He is unreasonable to call me back; but if he can follow me, he may!" Then would the poor deserted husband do his best to fly in pursuit of the faithless Dove; and for that purpose would ascend to the topmast o f a salt-ship, and leap desperately into the air, and fall down head-foremost upon the deck, and break h is neck. And there should be engraven on his tombstone - "Mate not thy self with a Dove, unless thou hast wings to fly."

Anonymous said...

Jones has also formed working relationship with the far-left anti-Semitic writer Israel Shamir, a Russian-born Jewish convert to Christianity.

After Julian Assange was charged with rape by two women in Sweden, the Internet was abuzz with allegations that the women were affiliated with anti-Castro Cuban organizations. Featured in Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch online newsletter, the story was authored by one “Israel Shamir” (with an editorial credit by Paul Bennett).

Putin’s meeting with the Pope, his third audience with Pope Francis and the sixth with a supreme pontiff, signified a cardinal change, I was told by Fr. Jeffrey Langan, a priest of Opus Dei, a man close to the Vatican and a philosophy teacher at the Harvard University. The meeting with Putin marks the decision of the Holy See to windup favouring the United States in the global context. The Vatican had sided with Washington for many years, but now Pope Francis apparently decided that enough is enough. The church should stay neutral in international conflicts. In particular it refers to the Ukraine. The Holy See considers the Ukrainian conflict as a proxy war instigated by the CIA, and it wants to stay out of it.

On 16 July (2019), a roundtable discussion on “Religious People’s Diplomacy and its Role in the Dialogue between East and West” was held at the Russia Ecumenica Centre in Rome. It was attended by journalists, experts, representatives of Italian intellectuals, politicians and clergymen from Russia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, the United States and Latvia. The meeting was held with the support of the Institute for Intercultural Communication and was co-organized by Alexey Gotovsky, an expert in the field of communications and journalist of the EWTN channel. The event was also attended by representatives of the Eurasian Center (Moscow). ...
Journalist Israel Shamir (Sweden) expressed concern about the division of Orthodoxy in Ukraine. In his opinion, the division between the UOC and the PCU, as well as the internal split in the PCU may become a source of discontent, which will indefinitely delay the settlement of the confrontation in this difficult region.

The situation this time was compounded by the fact that I was not the only speaker. In fact, it was debatable whether I was even the most controversial speaker since I shared the bill with the redoubtable Israel Shamir.

Tancred said...

You’re really carrying water for those J-words, anon.

Sedes always have weird associations and beliefs that sometimes surprise me.

Anonymous said...

You are the one carrying water for the j-words when you carry water for EMJones. If I were Iran, I would not let him into the country. Fr. Gruner called him the j-word.

Jones has a good motive for fearing the message of Fatima and trying to discredit it. Our Lady pointed right to Russia as the main cause of the offenses against God. Is it not curious that she said “Russia”? Did she not know that by 1920 Russia would be known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic? Do you not think that she purposely said Russia, with the foreknowledge that the name would change back to Russia after the 1991 “fall” of the USSR?

Jones is one creepy, traitorous scumbag that's for sure and his constant obsession w/ porn/sex (beast) under the guise of chastity (virtue) is opus dei and j-word to the max.

Contrast jones' 31 year old thesis w/this:

Here's jones on Updike: "Literature used to be a WASP avocation. It is now a Jewish business, and John Updike, because of his narcissism and his moral defections, enabled the transition from the former to the latter state."

Here's jones on putin: "Putin is Santa Claus. He is going to rescue children from the gay disco."

But shouldn't putin's moral defections and narcissism (like jones' & the evil U.S. Empires) enable the transition not to a Russian/EurAsian state - but to a jewish one world government/business (I mean just to follow jones own logic/reasoning/logos)?

E. Michael Jones’ Hasbara for Communism, Putin, and Kissinger
This guy says a whole lot of words, but it all just comes across as a bunch of word salad that is being served up to gullible “goyim” for consumption.

Tancred said...

When you accused one of Jones' collaborators of being anti-Semite, you seemed to mention it as if it were a bad thing. It might reveal your true allegiance.

Putin is an imperfect creature, but St. Constantine the Great was as well. Very few world leaders are as saintly as Louis IX, Gabriel Garcia Moreno or Dolfuss.

Anonymous said...

Whose thug?

Anonymous said...

Lol fitzinfo thinks Fatima is satanic
Get psychiatric help

Tancred said...

Whose [Thug]? Tim Gordon (aka “Thug”) probably belongs to a cartel.

Anonymous said...


Constantine is a saint only for ortho schismatics. Calling a killer of his son Crispus and then Augusta Fausta (the deaths were likely connected) imperfect is an interesting use of language. As for the other most notable, KGB 'trad' Putin directed terrorist attacks by the Red Army Faction against German businessmen, before his interest in boys caught up in him. Unlike some strange things in the comments, Putin sexually assaulting Nikita Konkin in 2006 in Red Square before cameras, a sort of flex (leading to the murder of fellow siloviki Litvinenko who just stated plainly noted that). Now a little above 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers, an uncounted number of civilians, plus 180,000 Russians (Norwegian estimate) have been slaughtered because of the delusions of that little bald man. 300,000 Christians (mostly schismatics, some Ukrainian Greek Caths, plus brave volunteers) dead. Putin is probably surprised at the Euro and American neuro-divergents who believe his propaganda, and likely sniggers at them.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a progd, but you’re wrong. Constantine was venerated in the West and in the Eastern Rites, so, he’s a Saint sui juris.