Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Taylor Marshall Says Mel is Going Forward With Rothchild Movie!

 Edit: DavidQ aka David Icke posted this. It looks like Taytay found a tweet from two years ago and thought it was current. We share his enthusiasm, but Gibson’s communication guy claims they have no interest in coining the project earlier last year.  You can thank the ADL and Jonathan Greenblatt for putting a stop to this outrage!! Oy!

Taylor Marshall deleted the tweet, we presume, because he found out he was tweeting old news! But look at his enthusiasm for this film! 



Anonymous said...

Taytay thought that he could be besties with Mel.
Just like he was going to be a big religious la-de-da in the Trump administration.
Taytay be trippin'.

Anonymous said...

I wish he remained an Episcopagan

Hansie Willems said...

OOohhh, we don't like the Taylor, do we?

Tex said...

Tay is okay, but as we say in Dallas:
He is all hat and no cattle.

Anonymous said...

Hard time getting views. Today, he said there’s a plan to oust Francis.