Tuesday, November 8, 2022

“Died Suddenly”

Died Suddenly, Irish version:


H/T: Barnum

Stew Peters’ new film, Died Suddenly, is set to be released on November 21st. The documentary investigates the spike in sudden deaths in vaccinated individuals and includes explanations from doctors, scientists, and embalmers on what they think is happening and why they think it is happening.

The trailer for the film begins with the question, “Why do we never believe them?” which is then followed by a man explaining that “The governments know, this has been well planned. This is Agenda 2030, this is the Great Reset.”

The trailer for the film features the expert opinions of those that feel the need to give a voice to the dead and features videos of athletes, teenagers, and other people suddenly collapsing in a series of clips. 

More recently, another young person. 



Max Nolan said...

The great strength of a loaded syllogism is that the conclusion is predetermined. It just so happens that the assumptions of this self-described documentary that it is based on ideology not scientific facts, so it is not surprising in the least that it arrives at the desired preprogrammed political end point: right wing propagandist bullshit fodder for hay seed good ole boys and Yeehawws. No wonder these poor miserable buggers fell for that lumbering illiterate moron with the girly voice and bagful of inanities.
No wonder America is stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Max Nolan... I read about this 10 years before this has happened:



So, come down. Believers know what not only has happened, but also what is coming. If you think this is the end of events... you are mistaken!



You can read more on that website. God bless you...

Barnum said...

Hey Vax Nolan, sounds like you're loaded.

susan said...

Hey feybriel nolan.....you sound vaccinated.

Tancred said...

Gabrielle got the medical exemption for his late-stage HIV infection.

Anonymous said...

Get lost, idiot.

Alex Slavin said...

Yeehaaaw's contribution to intelligent, informed conversation:

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Good grief.

Tancred said...

It’s a lot more entertaining than your “contributions”, Gaybrielle.

susan said...

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Think I'll pass.

Jakobus Wowey said...

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Anonymous said...

QED feybriel.....Q.E.D. Get help chap.

And no....you can't have ANY of this.

Guido Rossi said...

Yeehaaw needs only three more words and they/them will have a credible entrant for the Booker Prize.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ur really something special.

Anonymous said...

Bonker Gaybrielle!