Monday, October 17, 2022

YE LOCUTA CAUSA FINITA — George Floyd Died of Fentanyl Overdose

 Edit: remember when all those cucks in the Catholic blogosphere were bending over blackwards to bend a knee? It’s funny how those of us were calling a spade a spade back when this was ongoing and were reviled by lowlifes like drunken pothead Steve Skojec and the usual assortment of professional psychoanalysts and virtue signaling types,  remember Vox Cantoris?   

Now a black billionaire says it and it’s relevant

Well, ok then!! Can we get some justice for the diverse team of law enforcement officials languishing in prison right now?

Some of Saint George Fentanyl’s holy family want to sue!



Anonymous said...

The power of the Tribe will be on full display in reaction to this guy.
He will be like the coyote pelt that is hung on fences as a warning to others.
Worldly ruination is coming his way.
It is forbidden to speak ill of the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, we hate straight white people,
do we?

So courageous!

Matt F. said...

Mr. Slater:
Tell us where 12:30am is wrong.

Mike Slater said...

"Tell us where 12:30am is wrong."


Anonymous said...

Nice circular reasoning you got there.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you cover some real news?

Matt said...

Why don't you comment in a manner that isn't 98% hogwash and that no one links to?

Philip Adamson said...

"Why don't you cover some real news?" No thankd, Lizard Brain. The usual fake news you broardcast is just fine. If it works for Bonker T, it'll work for anybody.

Anonymous said...

Josh Guimond story is already being manipulated by the press.

Anonymous said...

Behold how "Ye" is having his millions stripped away by the powers that be.
He committed the ultimate sin.

Anonymous said...

His Talent Agency ,CAA, fired him a few days ago.
And now the big enchilada, "Adidas" is hanging West out to dry.
Sacrificed at the Tribal altar.
An exercise in raw power.

Anonymous said...

The entertainment business is not finished with him. He still has too much money.

He will be accused of a crime that will be manufactured.
It will be particularly heinous. Guaranteed to cause the fan base to run the other way.
Then they will start chipping away at his remaining money.

Ed Shields said...

What would his mother say?

Anonymous said...

Lawdy, I suppose.