Saturday, September 24, 2022

We May Have Lost 1968 But the Counterrevolution is Comin

 Edit: game design and live-streaming are the future.



Brian Connors said...

There's a factory in Purgatory, Utah, that mass produces fruitcakes like this nutter for both the US domestic market and for Banana Republics around the globe.

Anonymous said...

We're still here and our future Catholic children or grandchildren will take back control of Rome and all properties of Holy Mother Church,God willing.
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!
-God bless,

Mike Slater said...

You have to be baptized and become a Catholic first, Andrea.
You're Zip on both counts.

Anonymous said...

The reason young people are rejecting democracy is not because they are stupid, as Mr Dutton seems to believe. They are against democracy because democracy has been proven to be a false God and ultimately a threat to the whole of society.