Tuesday, July 19, 2022

They attack the weakest first

The plandemic of Covid1984 provided the hierarchy with a lot of data on the faithful and their pastors. It came as no surprise that most Novus Ordo parishes in suburbia complied with restrictions that the dioceses imposed before the State did.  The SSPX defied the orders and had to add extra Masses to accommodate the visitors, many of whom came away with very different and positive attitudes about the Society from that experience. The FSSP dragged their feet. The spirit of Lefebvre still lives in certain quarters of that organization. With the ICKSP, things were different. They complied. From Chicago, Canon Talarico enthusiastically roped off the pews and admonished the faithful to wear masks. Presumably, they all got jabbed as Cupich mandated it, and their worldly traveling doesn't seem to have been curtailed.  They shouldn't be surprised they are being picked off at this point, right after the traditional diocesan priests and the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.
An appeaser feeds a crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last.


Anonymous said...

Fake news!

Anonymous said...

This could very well serve as the wake-up call for the Institute: The Novus Ordo is not the Catholic Church.

You own the property. Tell Cupich and Company "to pound sand".

Bring in a Traditional bishop, get your men ordained - yes, because all the Institute's ordinations were done by Novus Ordo "bishops" - and continue your work.

It's not going to happen, but that would be the needed shot across the bow of the Novus Ordo establishment.

Claude said...

They never got the assurances from Frances l that the FSSP got.

Maria said...

Taylor Marshall has an interesting take on this today if you can stand his smarmy style.
We’re being played.

Anonymous said...

Preppy Taylor has the scoop on the ICK

Anonymous said...

Amen, with you brother.