Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bergoglio Attacks Tradition in Ottawa

Edit: after another pointless gesture, apologizing for the plagues and hard years of past, the Pope of mercy points an accusing finger at Traditionalism.

It was coined by a modernist Orthodox theologian who authored a book at Vatican II. He said, “Tradition is the living faith of the dead, but traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.   

Perhaps it is Bergoglio whose faith in big government and Marxism that is dead?   

On the third day of his stay in Canada, Francis again dished out against tradition

 (Ottawa) On the third day of his visit to Canada, Pope Francis preached against the "dead faith of the living" at Mass at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.  He did not mean pagan religions, but turned again against "traditionalism".

Through the neologisms "indietrism" (backward looking) and "indietrists" (backward looking) coined by Francis, he gives his criticism a clear addressee.  What is meant are priests and laymen who are linked to tradition, as Francis recently clarified.

The renewed scolding of tradition came while in the neighboring United States, leading Bergoglians among the bishops, invoking Pope Francis' motu proprio Traditionis custodes, are suppressing the traditional rite and restricting communities associated with tradition.

In his sermon Francis said (in the video of the transmission of the Mass from around minute 48:20):

 “And let us not forget that this life-giving movement extends from the roots to the branches, leaves, flowers and fruit of the tree.  True tradition is expressed in this vertical dimension: from bottom to top.  Let us be careful not to fall into the caricature of tradition, which does not move in a vertical line - from the roots to the fruits - but in a horizontal line - forwards/backwards - that leads us to the culture of "Indietrism"[  backwardness] as a selfish haven;  and which does nothing else than encapsulate the present and keep it in the logic of 'it's always been done that way'.

In the Gospel that we have heard, Jesus tells the disciples that they are blessed because they can see and hear what so many prophets and righteous could only wish for (cf. Mt 13:16-17).  Many had believed in God's promise of the Messiah, preparing the way for him and announcing his coming.  But now that the Messiah has come, those who can see and hear him are called to welcome and proclaim him.

Brothers and sisters, this also applies to us.  Those who have gone before us have passed on to us a passion, a strength and a desire, a fire that we must rekindle;  it's not about preserving ashes, but about rekindling the fire they started.  Our grandparents and elders wished for a more just, brotherly and solidary world and fought for us to have a future.  Now it's up to us not to disappoint them.  It is up to us to take up this tradition that we have received, because tradition is the living faith of our dead.  Please, let's not go into traditionalism, which, as one thinker said, is the dead faith of the living.  Leaning on them, on our fathers who are our roots, it is up to us to bear fruit.  We are the branches that must flourish in history and sow new seeds.  So let us ask ourselves a specific question: what am I doing in the light of the history of salvation to which I belong and of those who have gone before me and loved me?  I have a unique and irreplaceable role in history: what mark do I leave, what do I do, what do I leave to those who follow me, what do I give of myself?  So often we measure life by the money we make, the careers we make, the success and recognition we receive from others.  However, these are not generative criteria.  The question is: am I creating something?  Am I creating life?  Am I bringing a new and renewed love to the story?  Am I preaching the gospel where I live, ministering freely as my predecessors did to me?  What am I doing for my church, my city and my society?  Brothers and sisters, it is easy to criticize, but the Lord not only wants us to be critics of the system, he does not want us to be closed, he does not want us to be "indietrists" who withdraw like him  Hebrews says (cf. 10:39), but wants us to be artisans of a new history, weavers of hope, builders of the future, peacemakers.”



Nick Galaxas said...
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Nick Galaxas said...

Pope Francis is upholding Tradition which some confuse with their exotic cultivated antiquarianism, boutique faddism and massive religious self loathing.

Can't cop the truth so you do the Pravda thing and make posts un-posts. How very liberal you are, old chap.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled that comments are removed here. What possibly odious or contumacious statement about Jorge Bergoglio could be made that hasn't been-- and also is not true? I do not believe St Paul's arguments with Peter were removed at the Council of Jerusalem, and surely moderators of posts here are not even close to the level of wisdom or intellect that the Apostles at the Council of Jerusalem were.

It is only too clear that Jorge Bergoglio is an enemy of Christ-- he even told us Christ recited the prayer to His Father incorrectly. St John Eudes, following John Chrysostom, said it well:"The cellar of hell is paved with the skull of priests."

By the way, just remember who it was that gave the Church Jorge Bergoglio-- Karol Woytyla.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start your own pro-gay forum where you could go crazy about bug chasing and comparing yourself to the apostles all you want?

Joe Vella said...

Anon 8:31 is a striking example of a diseased mind combined with vast incomprehension and appalling ignorance.
Get some therapy, fast.

Anonymous said...

There are some interesting therapies for the brain damage that comes as a result of full-own AIDS.

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